For Karla Spetic at MBFWA, Ben Martin and Redken utilised the creative brief inspired by Greek mythology to transform models into mermaids. Floating pearls, crimped styles and wild textures overtook backstage and the runway, making for a dreamy show with hair look highlights from the week.

“The beautiful siren show is inspired by Odysseus, the Sirens and in particular a renaissance painting, so what we’re doing is that the sirens are mermaids and we’re creating mermaid inspired looks,” Ben said. “We want the girls to look like they’ve just come out of the ocean so we’re using natural curls to embellish the textures that we’ve created. We have a range of textures, working with some of the girls’ natural textures and enhancing some to make it runway ready.”

Beyond this overarching brief, particular details and ultra cool hair techniques made the show particularly notable from a hair perspective.

“We’re using stitching to create invisible pulls in the hair and stitch in the pearls as well so it looks like they’ve attached themselves to the hair when they’ve come out of the water,” Ben said. “Some of the models have crimp, some of them have a two prong tong and some of them have a three prong waver. Every girl that sat down we created an individual look, we decided at the time, there was no preconceived ideas, just seeing what was organically created on the day.”

With the women made to look like mermaids who could lure you into water, Redken’s Rootfull 06, Triple Dry 15 and Quick Tease 15 were the hero products necessary to create these alluring looks.

“Product-wise, we’ve been using Redken’s brand-new Triple Dry 15 spray, and we’re using that because it gives us a beautiful dry texture to the hair so it can have this fluffiness so as the girls walk down the runway we get billowing movement to the hair, but it also allows us to create beautiful volume,” Ben confirmed.

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Photo Credit Guilherme Marques