For Thurley at MBFWA, Revlon Professional and Anthony Nader created their version of the strong woman. The interesting knotted look created an element of consistency in the fashion show, while texture remained pivotal.

“My inspiration for the hair for Thurley was that the hair is refined a little more,” Anthony said. “I think a lot of women over-curl their hair when they say they want to do natural hair but they end making it curlier, so basically what I’ve done with the hair today is we’ve put a slight wave in it but the secret is we’ve destroyed the texture of that wave so the hair looks a little more lived in but it’s a little bit more refined.”

“The garments are all about a strong woman but there’s softness to it as well, and the theme was all about the ocean, so just chatting with Thurley and we got the whole inspiration,” he continued. “A personal inspiration of mine was Brooke Shields from Blue Lagoon circa 1980, where she had that natural texture and we bring this forward to today and she still has that texture but it’s not so big and wide.”

Key products such as Lissaver, the UV protector and heat protector, and the Memory Spray offered sheen and texture, respectively.

“The hair overall is pulled back tighter on the sides, there’s a little bit of lift up top, it’s a bit kind of tough in the front, we added a UV protector which has a really light oil to it and what I love about that is that it has a hardness to it rather than being soft and whimsical, the tail at the back is soft and whimsical but the front means business, it shows confidence,” Anthony said.

Get the look below:

  1. Mist naturally dried strands on mid-lengths and ends with Lissaver and Memory Spray, then blast dry smooth with a large cushion brush as this saves time.
  2. Divide hair up into four equal parts, leaving the first two inches out horizontal across the nape area.
  3. Using two different medium-to-large sized tongs (small to medium) now alternating each other all around the head.
  4. Keep in mind that when creating your wave/texture that once you form this shape, you then go back onto it with the surface of the tong and run that up and down the hair from roots to ends to relax it. This is key to making the wave a little more destroyed, raw and not formal or bridal in appearance.
  5. Once complete, tip head back and mist over very finely with Lissaver. Rake fingers through, as now you want to define your newfound texture.
  6. Let your part line fall naturally into place and make sure you have some height in the front and the sides are pushed tight to add more drama to the front.
  7. Gather hair into a low pony and keeping it more misplaced and undone rather than polished and severe. Secure with a bungee grip.
  8. If you’re wanting more high, mega-watt shine for thicker hair texture, now scoop a pea size of Fiber Wax and warm up in your palms and slick over the sides and top area. 9. Embellish the ponytail base area with one to three different sized pearls wherever you feel and remember less is more here.

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