Christopher Esber’s penchant for signature minimalist tailoring and structured silhouettes was juxtaposed with an undone and dual textured luxury feel to the hair by Hair Director Daren Borthwick of Shu Uemura.

If you can’t take a holiday, Esber’s new collections believes you can bring it to your everyday wardrobe. The key message; was about connecting and disconnecting; at the desk to out-of-office, done sophisticatedly Christopher Esber-style. The hair followed with the done, yet undone, feel to exemplify the essence of clothes being a bikini utility or a utility bikini and what you wear being more a state of mind than just a statement. Hair was designed be both acceptable for poolside but tailored enough for the office.

This Christopher Resort 20 aesthetic was all about tapping into the dream of holidays and disconnecting but without forgetting to still look elegant. Bright colours were pieced together; orange, green, yellow and red to bring some colour to Esber’s classic styles.

Tailored bikini tops and fine knit halters signalled to summer days and flowing tunic dresses of vibrant raffia – it was all about that anything goes holiday vibe but with an undertone of luxury.

“The Christopher Esber woman is a sexy, polished but undone woman and the hair is all about shine with a duality of texture,” said Hair Director Daren Borthwick.

“To achieve the luxury finish without being too textured or matte, Daren used hero product Shu Uemura Universal Balm which moisturises the hair to takes out all the frizz while providing supreme levels of shine and moisture. Texture Wave also mattifies the hair to create a duality of texture in each girl and Urban Moisture Spray was used on every girl before they walked out to give shine and light moisture,” Daren said.

To capture the liberated Christopher Esber woman, the key looks and inspiration behind the hair drew from this celebration of individuality and originality without anything looking too forced. This harked to the Shu Uemura philosophy of enhancing a woman’s natural beauty, not artificially creating it.

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