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Meet LUXit, The Uber of Beauty

The latest premium beauty concierge that brings a service straight to a client’s doors is refreshingly different from what we’ve seen to date, writes Ida Almasi.

Dubbed as the ‘Uber of beauty’ but with a more luxury sentiment. LUXit mixes the best technology has to offer with premium beauty services delivered by industry experts directly to consumers. The easy to use app is redefining a new era of premium at-home services while partnering with salons and giving jobs to Australian freelancers at the same time.

Sitting down with the founder of LUXit, Fabiola Gomez, you get an idea quite early on how this laser focused ex-corporate lawyer and Camilla General Manager turned the bejewelled kaftan brand – from zero into one of Australia’s biggest luxury fashion brands worn on the likes of Beyonce. She now since has taken her background in law, fashion and beauty and has created the LUXit app offering hair, nails, tanning, massages and cosmetic injections directly to the doors of the time poor.

Before becoming the GM for Camilla, Fab, as her friends call her, worked standard hours from six am to eight pm and understood first hand, the difficulties of keeping up a beauty regime while working a corporate, high-pressure job.

“I understand the women or men that leave their house at sunrise and come home late after sunset don’t necessarily have two hours to get their hair done or want to give up their weekend time with their kids to go get their nails done. I was that woman. I started LUXit because I wanted to bring the best in the business straight to them, Fab said.

LUXit has now successfully launched in major Australian cities with common repeat customers being the corporate men or women that are in a different city every week in need of looking their best before work events or meetings. The loyal repeat customers have found that no matter which city they find themselves in, they can be ensured their service will be two things: straight to their door and consistently exceptional.

But how is this company different to the home-beauty services we’ve seen creeping into the industry that offer sub-par home jobs we see the tail end of when our clients turn up crying to our salon to fix?

The quality of the team of hairdressers and technicians that have signed up to LUXit are carefully curated and trialed where only the best of the best of not only skill but high emotional intelligence can provide their services in conjunction with the brand. Not only do all technicians need to have a minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience but with a lot of these services being requested at home, hotel or a workplace, Fab has made sure the interpersonal skills of the technicians are above and beyond norm in order to provide the level of service expected from a luxury brand.

All elements of the LUXit app involve a premium including cosmetic injection services only being provided by doctors, a seamless app that tracks the distance of the technician from the client with a similar star rating system like Uber and an insurance policy for all parties only an ex-lawyer could scheme up.

It was made clear early in our conversation that Fab never wanted to create a company that got in the way of salon businesses but instead to team up with freelancers and salon owners to give them the opportunity to work their own hours outside standard salon hours to make ends-meet.

Fab is working with salons to give hairdressers the opportunity to fill in their gaps on quiet days and the ability to work after hours if they have had a quiet week. The idea is if you are a salon owner and struggling to make due during quiet times, LUXit can give you the ability to work whenever you want outside of salon hours.

With the climate of our industry changing and the days gone by where a 5 day a week job is the norm, companies like LUXit can be leveraged by salon owners on quiet days in which they take the hairdresser off their books for the day and put them on the LUXit’s schedule instead. If utilised correctly an app like LUXit may be the solution for salons, staff and client alike.

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