Rewind back just a few years and talking about men’s eyebrows or an eyebrow service was almost considered taboo, but now with increased awareness Rachard Dahini has carved a completely new market in men’s eyebrows in a relatively short space of time since landing back in Australia in 2019, writes Cameron Pine.

Designer eyebrow boutiques and brand names like Kristen Fisher, Amy Jean, Anastasia Beverly Hills to the Brow Bar and beyond have created a market for ‘destination brows’, but rarely has anyone been known to specialise in brows for men – until now!

Just like a woman’s brows, a man’s eyebrows suffer the same issues – hair loss, thinning and lightness of hair density, or loss of definition. Microblading can instantly negate those issues and men all over the world are scrambling for Chardi’s (Rachard’s) work. This has given him the globally recognised name of Chardi B on social media, mostly TikTok and Instagram where his profile has exploded.

Branding all his content and social channels as Lip Brow King (LBK), Chardi started with lips and make up but due to demand he’s naturally progressed to spend his time on brows, carving a completely new microblading market. With so many options for brows but few that give men confidence to take that first step and give their own brows attention – Chardi is giving men of all cultures a new level of confidence. He receives direct messages from men all over the world wanting to be able to travel just to see him by ‘trusting’ his work.

“A lot of clients come to me because they can’t see their eyebrows and they crave that definition. A man’s confidence from both hair and brows is huge – women have so many places to go and talk about their concerns, but what I do for men is unique in Australia,” Chardi said.

Chardi explained that with brows, so many brand names are caught up on copying each other’s work or styles, but he likes to create a completely unique and intimate experience for all of his clients. It all depends on what they want and their lifestyle, from undetectable to highly defined, it’s a truly customised approach. He even looks at photographs and sends ‘mock ups’ prior to visiting to make sure expectations are on the same page.

“I’m not a big name so I want to understand you and create something special. You’re getting me as the artist, you’re not getting someone else,” he said.

As Chardi likes to remind his guests, training to perfect the procedure is something he took very seriously for years before unleashing on patients. One of the most important things to think about when considering microblading is the salon that will be carrying out the procedure. The person doing the microblading should be a licensed aesthetician who has undergone the appropriate training.

Part of the process with Chardi is an instant feeling of comfort and care – he works hard to understand your personality and build a connection around what you like. After all it’s a service that lasts 18 to 24 months.

To explain further, microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that gives the client super realistic brows best suited to their face. If you’re a man considering microblading, there’s no reason to be reluctant considering Chardi will shape the outline to better suit your face and not copy a mould or trend.

“I love the look on guys faces after I finish when they think ‘wow I didn’t think I could look like this’,” he said.

Being booked out for a month in advance, it’s hard to believe It was a mere two years ago in the semi-permanent make up world that Chardi developed a passion for what he does. When traveling abroad in the US and Istanbul, he began his journey to master the art of microblading and lip work.

“After being mentored by world renowned artists, learning about different faces and structures, I studied my technique and practiced every day. It allowed me to visualise my abilities and really tailor each brow to my clients unique faces,” he said.

Fast-forward to 2020, and we were hit with the pandemic, many jobs losses and uncertainty. After working abroad for a long period, Chardi made his way back home to Australia and took it as an opportunity to enhance his skills and to fully launch his ‘Lip Brow King’ business.

“I wanted to offer a service that would be available to men of all diversities without being intimidated or embarrassed,” he shared.

Generally the beauty world has focused on women, which created a sense of taboo for men, but we’ve evolved and now there is a high demand for men’s grooming that needs this service and he is here to shape the needs for our men in Australia, pardon the pun.

“I believe that everyone is unique and your brows should be unique too,” he said. “My passion is to create a culture where men aren’t afraid to groom and look after themselves, at the end of the day we all want to look and feel confident no matter who we are. I don’t want to give my clients eyebrows, I want to give them confidence.”

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