On a rainy night in Sydney, there was nowhere else you would want to be than the stunning Town Hall with an inspiring hair show in front of you. Legendary hair artist Mounir was in Sydney from the Middle East, marking his first trip to Australia and hosting an entertaining and educational show as part of his tour across our country.

Partnering with Aussie hair extensions brand Seamless1, whose products he works with regularly as an ambassador for the brand, Mounir showed off various dramatic hair transformations, some of them created right in front of the audience’s eyes.

Audience members sat down to a host of gifts on their seat including products, a head set and even a mask of Mounir’s own face. The headset was used to translate Arabic to English, proving convenient for many audience members through a filmed interview of Mounir that was shown on the big screen, and then Mounir’s live educational directives. In the interview, Mounir spoke about his education style, successes, upcoming product launches and worldly insights, gained through an incomparable career that has amassed him 3.7 million Instagram followers.

The show itself boasted unique musical entertainment, with performances on voice and violin and all performers boasting luxury hair as styled by Mounir and created with Seamless1 hair extensions. It also showcased a speech from Seamless1 founder Marcel, whose Australian products have mastered the global market, and then live hair education from Mounir himself.

Mounir demonstrated styling and applied a full head of hair extensions right there on stage in impressively timeous fashion. The overall aesthetic was in luscious, luxury hair, with the Seamless1 hair extensions used to add length, volume and texture, and the total transformations showcasing the true and immediate power of hair artistry.

The highlight of the evening was the final runway show, which paraded models down the runway with their before shots exhibited on screens behind them. The major transformations in length, style and colour were a testament to the power of quality hair extensions and the scope of Mounir’s talent.

Mounir’s bona fide celebrity status was in full motion as he and the models posed for selfies with fans in the hall outside, giving another glimpse into the celebrity-esque, globe-trotting life of this international hair star. It’s taken him far too long to grace our shores but clearly a large contingent of our local industry has been watching his work from afar, along with millions of others. Now that’s been here to educate, we do hope he’ll be back.

For more information visit www.seamless1.com