muk officially have all your and your clients’ beauty needs sorted, and they proved that to beauty media last week with personalised styling sessions to show off their new launches. The brand debuted their new Hot muk 6 in 1 Working Spray, their new Hair Lacquer and the muk Blow 3900 – IR, all of which combined for the ideal styling sessions and blow dries. This was conducted at Sydney’s acclaimed Our Place salon, with international hairdressing icon Clive Allwright, the salon owner and brand’s Global Artistic Director leading the way. Safe to say, it was an hour well spent.

The team used a myriad of muk products for both styling and care during the sessions, personalising each treatment according to specific hair needs and requests from the varied muk line. The new products acted as hero tools, showcasing the innovative nature of the new technology.

Hot muk is a multi-function spray that provides flexible weightless hold, with zero stickiness. The product has been developed over three years to include unique advanced styling resins, which provide memory, resist humidity and ensure there is no flakiness. As well as this, the product uses revolutionary advanced thermal protectants that remain active to over 230˚C, making heat styling safer and healthier. The titular six benefits of the product include its ability to help in thermal styling with hot tools, its texturising, finishing and humidity blocking capabilities, as well as thermal protection and texture creation.

The muk Hair Lacquer enjoyed a relaunch, with a new iteration of its formula and packaging. The product is beloved for its strong hold without feeling sticky. The product’s unique keratin protein helps to rebuild and restructure the hair, while holding it in place for hours. Uniquely, care and nourishment are also a focus for the product, and the use of hydrolyzed wheat protein and panthenol strengthens and protects the hair.

The brand also released a must-have new tool, the muk Blow 3900 – IR is here to shake up the market. Innovative infrared lights imbedded in the dryer’s barrel are used to infuse a gentle heat deep inside the hair shaft, while the tool is able to dry hair gently and quickly, while ensuring shine, moisture balance and protection from thermal damage. Aesthetically, the tool boasts a matte black body with trendy rose gold finishes, ensuring it will be a stylish addition to any tool kit. It also features an ionic generator, which generates millions of ions for optimal shine and protection, as well as an adjustable temperature and fan speeds for tailored styling.

As the muk product suit continues to grow, they’re using innovative practices to make sure your approach to care and style is made a little easier. Don’t worry, we thanked them for you.

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