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Nak Rebrands With New Aesthetic

Celebrating 15 years since the much-loved Australian brand launched onto the market also realised the opportunity to re-launch under a completely new aesthetic, one that keeps Nak’s loyal community at the forefront of Australian hair culture, writes Cameron Pine.

Carmen Rigney, Laura Geitz, Tony Rigney, Gretel Tippett, Kimberley Busteed & John Cash

An undeniably family run business with a stronghold on the Australian market like no other, Nak Natural Australian Kulture (with the definitive culture with a K) embarked on a simple philosophy from day one – a brand for hairdressers to support professionals and provide quality products that Australian’s generally feel proud to use.

Welcoming guests to an almost blank canvas that was transformed into a world of Nak, Brisbane’s Lightspace in Fortitude Valley was overrun with flushes of pink, balloons, rose and leading wines with a personal touch of a soft pink rose and a recycled paper bag full of products for every guest could take home.

Intimately styled the night was synonymous with the brand’s achievements – somewhat the quiet achiever with a mindset that keeps Australian owned salon businesses proud to be a partner. Staying well into the night and after the official proceedings which felt more like an up-close and personal with the founders in their home, guests enjoyed giveaways including travel vouchers and gifts from electrical brand H2D as well as photo opportunities alongside a media wall of pink balloons in almost every hue imaginable. A fully immersive Nak styling station where guests could really connect with the brand allowed for endless styling opportunities and plain and simple hairdressing fun.

Brand Founders  Tony and Carmen Rigney alongside John and Karen Cash gave an insight into what the Nak brand truly means to them as a family business. “We never expected to be half as big as we are today and congratulations to everyone who has played a big part of where we are with salons and the media,” Tony said.

With 100 staff and a network of 2500 salons, Nak has garnered a heavy following, not just through the trade but media as well, largely thanks to Daryl Agnew and his obsession with Australian actors in film and television – there’s pretty much not one show or well-known Australian actor that hasn’t been touched by Nak.

Daryl’s comedic nature set the scene for a night of true laughter and celebration with his unique take on covering all the important things that matter to hairdressers. “You don’t buy your haircare where you buy your vegemite. You can’t crack an egg on your head and expect it to smell good and look great,” Daryl said. “Supermarkets aren’t the environment for haircare and our mission has been to create beautiful haircare for everyone.”

Daryl spoke about the relationship the brand has with what make us as consumers feel good, embellishing his own hilarious version of how the Nak journey unfolded and his connection with the brand that runs so much deeper than just the product.

Starting with an original range of care and styling that now spans into every realm and offers a complete solution for every salon looking for true loyalty and one solid partnership from colour to care and right down to the little things, giving back and a completely Vegan approach to haircare.

Karen spoke about the importance of packaging, revealing that approximately 70 per cent of consumers make a purchase based solely on packaging alone.

“Vegan products are brand disruptors and are shaping the beauty industry, driven by millions of consumers passionate about the environment and animal rights,” Karen said.

“When you choose Vegan ingredients you are reducing your carbon footprint so your brand and products treads more lightly and align with consumers who are reconciling purchases to ensure the products they consumer are aligned to this belief,” Karen said.

‘Vegan’ is now printed proudly on the front of all Nak Vegan friendly products.

The overwhelming sense of pride and humble disposition of each person on the Nak management team shone through Lightspace and into the minds of the various celebrities, tv presenters and special guests in attendance including 800 words actor Melina Vidler and some of our favourite sporting identities but never falling short of their original promise as a company. “Our main interest has always been for hairdressers to understand that we are partners and there for them,” Tony said.

“Congratulations to Hannah from marketing and helping strengthen our brand vision behind it and to Daryl also who has played a huge role to how we are accepted with the media. Thanks also to all of the ambassadors and bloggers that have been with us for so long as well as trade media for all of your support,” Tony said.

With Daryl sliding into DM’s for so many leading names, Nak is proof that this approach to engaging and creating loyal followers to the brand pays off. The Voice, My Kitchen Rules and a host of other Australian dramas are official partners to Nak and Hannah’s passion for a product packaging aesthetic that has taken Nak from the early 2000s and into a more minimalist and widely appealing aesthetic shows in every new label, from the packaging of whites, soft pinks and subtle metallics to pops of colour without being overbearing, Nak’s packaging perfectly aligns with the Australian hair culture of relaxed and approachable with a lived-in attitude.

From  the tagline ‘only a hairdresser knows’ to a social following on Instagram of close to 30,000 and passion at the heart of every single product Nak makes ensures that Nak never rests on their laurels, a constant evolution in every way imaginable is key to their success.

Now in 25 countries and with the heart and drive to always produce new and better ranges, the Nak journey even after 15 years feels like it’s only just beginning.

We are so proud of this innovative Australian born brand that’s taking on the world.

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