A celebration of natural fashion, hair and beauty, and the Aussie talent that flourishes in those spheres, made its way to Queensland and Perth in November 2018, showcasing 55 ethical designers in two week-long events, and partnering with Natulique to master fashionable, and eco-friendly hair. After a successful 2017 launch, the 2018 event built on these important ideas of eco-conscious fashion, hair and beauty with events in two cities, an ideal we can all aspire to.

“The philosophy of the event was to change the perspective on fashion considering that the fashion industry is one of the largest polluters worldwide, not to mention one of the least ethical,” said Natulique hair director Claire Foote of Claire Hair Boutique. “Ethical Fashion Week Australia aimed to prove that eco fashion can be just as stylish as its fast fashion counterpart, while remaining socially and environmentally responsible.”

As founded by Zuhal Kuvan-Mills, who is also the visual artist and creator behind handmade organic haute couture label Green Embassy and organic textile maison Atelier Zuhal, the week doesn’t compromise on fashion in its pursuit of environmental kindness. Natulique have enjoyed a partnership with Zuhal and her labels since 2016, leading to the brand and Claire’s appointment backstage at these eco fashion weeks.

“We really like the concept of Zuhal’s vision, to reduce waste, be environmentally friendly, organic, ethical and support the Sea Shepherd Australia and Rainforest Rescue conservation organisations. The event expanded to two states last year to highlight the plight of the Great Barrier Reef, and the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland,” Claire said. “It also provides great exposure for Natulique and our hairdressing team backstage.”

All styling products used were Natulique’s brand, and all stylists were from Natulique salons. In Queensland, Nicky Macleod, owner of Karmeleon Eco Hair, and Kelly Turner, of Who’s Your Hairdresser, worked on the looks backstage. In Perth, Alana Nelson, owner of Atone Wellness Hair, Jody Chapman, owner of Chapman’s Hair, and their respective teams, as well House of Hylo salon, Sharon Levy of Studio Organic, salon owners Jorge Viota and Erol Nafiz, Angela Frances Bradley of Urban Salon and Virginia Donovan of Brazilian Beauty Studio, took the reins.

The designers utilised innovative methods and materials to make a fashion-forward statement about environmental practices, such as Sylvia Calvo who designs using recycled coffee material, and other upcycling and eco-friendly every day materials that now light up the runway.

“Eco Fashion Week Australia collaborate with the designers, artists, activists, community, media, businesses and educational programs, as well as the local governments, to raise awareness for environmentally conscious fashion in Australia with global level,” Claire said. “The initiative that Kuhal has taken to implement Australia’s first and very own Eco fashion celebration strike a chord with designers, fashionistas and media alike.”

Sustainable fashion paired with organic hair and makeup is a way to look good, be creative and feel very good doing it – our proverbial and eco-conscious hats are off to this stellar initiative.

For more information visit www.natulique.com.au