Boasting beautiful space and quality hair services, the all-new Lavish Hair + Beauty in North Kellyville is anchored by aesthetic brilliance in every sense. The space was designed by Alicia Xiberas Interiors as a chic and homely escape for clients.

Aesthetically, natural textures and raw materials imbue the salon with a fresh, calming vibe. Custom concrete panels, textured wall paint, natural timber and leathers are each unique features that showcase the salon’s organic mentality and strong design.

“Designing salons is not just about how many hair stations you can fit in the space, it’s about allowing your clientele to feel a sense of tranquillity once they have entered the interior,” the designers shared, fitting in six stations, three basins and a beauty treatment room. The basin area has a defined separation from the main service area and front desk, giving it a specific sense of tranquillity and relaxation.

Muted tones of grey, black, white and beige allow plants and floral to provide the only pop of colour, comprising a timeless palette. Inspiring editorial images line the walls and showcase the salon’s artistic emphasis.

With a focus on quality, the salon is proudly connected to Keune Haircosmetics for care and colour at the basin and on the retail shelf.


Salon: Lavish Hair + Beauty Bar
Interior Designers: Alicia Xiberras Interiors
Photographer: Terrance Chin Photography