Freds in Paddington played host to a luxury, trending show from Paris Georgia, and stellar brands Oribe and Hot Tools, both distributed by Rogue Beauty, had the hair looks sorted.

Aussie hair queen Paloma Rose-Garcia, salon owner of local salon PALOMA, was the hair director for a show that prized individuality within a more specific aesthetic.

“For the Paris Georgia presentation they had a beautiful casting of half professional models and half personalities,” Paloma explained. “Wiith this in mind it inspired me to keep the diversity running through the hair direction.”

“We had two general feels – one polished, high shine and sleek, and one textured matt, fly away and strong in shape but we enhanced the girls’ natural hair disposition for both,” she continued. “Oribe Matte Waves + Apres Beach were my go to for the textured look. Royal Blow Out, new Power Drops and Shine Reflecting Spray were my go to’s for the sleek look.”

For fashion-savvy salon looks your clients will love, with polish and texture you can choose between, look no further than Paloma’s runway style and the top-tier Oribe and Hot Tools products that made these looks possible.

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