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Oribe Launch Power Drops

An elegant event at Eleven in Sydney captured the essence of Oribe, with a sumptuous breakfast, sophisticated venue, elaborate flower arrangements and the launch of their all new Power Drops. As always with Oribe, the one word to tie it all together was ‘luxury’.

Based on principles of skincare, the new launch was worth bringing in the brand’s heavy hitters from the US to explain this breakthrough in hair technology. Oribe President and Co-Founder, Daniel Kaner, Oribe Director, International Business Development and Distribution, Daniel Lopez and Oribe Director of Sales Learning and Development, Thomas Kryzer were in attendance to explain Power Drops to beauty media in full.

The products, which are unique treatment boosters, are made as highly concentrated serums to provide deep hydration, defend against damage, protect colour and more, as individually prescribed in each specific product. The tools require a few drops to be added to styling or prep products, or used on their own on damp hair for a supercharged haircare experience.

“When we started with the brand our goal was always to create something good, better and then best, we were trying to best in class which is always a journey,” Daniel Kaner explained. “We took a look at scalp health, hair health and complex styling, and it was always Oribe’s main number one criteria that it was performance based. When you start to explore the parameters and core of great hair, you start to look at the scalp and skincare influenced us right from the beginning.”

“As we’re advancing this idea of customisation to give the hairdresser the ability to augment the products that we have, and give the consumer the opportunity to customise their treatment that they feel like they need, that’s how the idea of Power Drops was born,” he continued. “It gives the consumer and the professional the flexibility to nurture what they want and puts them in the driver seat.”

The brand’s mentality and undeniably luxe persona has taken it to fitting heights, celebrating 4 years in Australia and 40 countries globally, built on a commitment to education, service and innovations such as these.

The products are titled as the Color Preservation Booster, which uses Vitamin C Complex, bioflavonoids and quinoa protein, as well as an intense dose of antioxidants and amino acids to maintain, preserve and enhance colour. The Damage Repair Booster restores dry, damaged hair with linoleic acid, biotin and sea kelp extract for increased manageability, strength and smoothness. The Hydration & Anti-Pollution Booster creates a protective barrier, enhances softness and shields hair from dryness, as formulated with hyaluronic acid, creatine and moringa seed extract.

Daniel Kaner and the rest of the team were in Australia to oversee this launch, while also meeting the hairdressers in one of their biggest global markets and conducting business education. The international team were impressed by our collective commitment to education and leadership growth, and it’s these qualities that ideally encapsulate an Oribe salon no matter where you are in the world.

“When you’re dealing with these salons, you’re gearing the product, the service and education to exceed expectations, not meet expectations, to create something on another level from our competition,” Daniel explained. “We’ve seen all different levels of salons in the States, it’s a very scalable business, we don’t partner with them based on size but on their ethos, do they value education? Are they willing to take the journey with us to meet us 50 per cent of the way?”

Daniel Kaner

“Consumers buy it, our demographic is 18 to 34, the metrics say that younger women are buying it even more than the woman with a pocket book, so any salon that we’re in, it will eclipse any business on the shelf,” he said. “It becomes about whether the salon is right for the brand’s ethos. That’s what we look for – passionate people, who accept the idea of leadership, that they have an investment in the hairdressing community and they set the standard, those are the salons that have great worth to us.”

Between the local team, the event, the education experiences and the beauty of Australia, Daniel and the team are keen to return to our shores, even if the weather couldn’t hold out for them. They see in Australia that industry drive, focus on education and commitment to the cause that makes salons luxury, and as such makes them a perfect fit for Oribe, explaining the brand’s national success.

Power Drops cater to that mentality, suiting educated clients who want the best for their hair, and empowering hairdressers to prescribe the right care products to give clients the ultimate in luxury treatments, styling and services. Daniel strongly believes that clients will pay a premium for education, passion and evolution when salons offer it to them – and with Oribe in hand and on shelf, progression continues to be the standard.

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