In a massive milestone for Australia’s leading luxury salon partnership brand, Oscar Oscar salons took to Brisbane’s Howard Smith Wharves for a celebration of leading stature, writes Cameron Pine.

When it comes to celebrating and relationships there really is no entrepreneur like Oscar Cullinan, and after more than 30 years as an awarded individual hairdresser he is still at the helm of an active culture of salons that have smashed out continued growth over three decades.

Bringing together staff from all 14 salons across Brisbane, Melbourne and the Gold Coast as well as numerous industry guests including some of Oscar’s past, present and longest serving partners and employees, a night to celebrate with a ‘touch of gold’ certainly lived up to its expectations as Brisbane’s riverfront never looked so glam. Next level luxury with an understated empathy, it seems everyone in the room was on brand.

Olga Zanetti, Justin Pace, Lara Woolley and David Higgins

Howard Smith Wharves are a lesson in transformation itself, with the head office team choosing the iconic location to throw a celebration that was as miuch about looking forward as looking back on a successful past.

More than 250 guests celebrated the night and raised many a glass for the 220 incredible employees that make up the Oscar Oscar family. Not just awash with the energy and glow of current staff, the room was filled with some past and long-term employees, brand affiliates and personalities that have been part of the Oscar Oscar journey. Whether it be from now or previously, the mood was set for complete appreciation of a growing salon brand that has embraced luxury and evolved with its ever changing needs. With the first salon opening in 1989 in Brisbane, Oscar Oscar has never shied away from the investment in people, choosing a salon partnership model over a franchise agreement to ensure a profound level of consistency and  mentorship among the salon network.

Oscar Cullinan

“I know I speak on behalf of all of the salon partners that we couldn’t do what we do without all the incredible work of the team at head office. Coordinating a night like this is also no mean feat so thank you to everyone for your tireless work,” said Head of Development at Oscar Oscar, Lee Cohen.

“Just over two years ago I came on board at Oscar Oscar and I can truly say that everything I have done in the past was truly an apprenticeship for the role I now take. I’m absolutely blessed to be employed by all of the 14 Oscar Oscar salons and most importantly, Oscar,” he said.

Oscar spoke of the client experience and a relentless passion for the industry but also to be prepared for change, “ Just like our clients should be prepared for a world of change when visiting our salons, we too need to adapt to change. Hairdressing has been my passion and my life for over 30 years,” Oscar said.

Pacific Fair Team

With an open bar and an open minded philosophy of collaboration deeply entrenched into the salon culture, paying respect to everyone in the room is perhaps a hallmark of the brand – free of ego and layers of hierarchy everyone involved with Oscar Oscar salons is treated with a level of care and respect synonymous with its clients.

“It’s one thing to have a vision but what you need to make the vision a reality is people and ,Oscar, I have never seen anybody who does it better than you.” The incredible belief you place in people makes you the greatest leader I’ve ever met,” Lee said.

Justin Mclachlan

Always ensuring the guest experience is elevated, the effort and length guests went to to dress for the celebration was as much about a shared passion and love for the industry as it was about the salon brand, a night of night’s that pulled influential leaders and from charitable organisations to entrepreneurs together for one main cause – passion.

“It’s about all what we adapt to the market, strengthen our guest experience and constantly educate ourselves on where to next. It’s just like a Broadway movie or major movie, you can write a script, build a set and make a soundtrack but it’s the passion of the salon partners that bring this to life.”

Robina Team and Ambassadors

Before guests danced into the night, all salon partners took to the stage for collective gratitude from Oscar and Lee and a series of photographs and video content that will go down in the history books.

From the heartfelt address by Oscar Cullinan himself talking about consistency and believing in people when it comes to building a strong brand, most importantly, it was the level of compassion that remains unique in a room filled with the hairdressing industry.

Oscar Oscar Brisbane Salon

It does make you wonder how a luxury salon brand at the top of their game reach such an incredible list of achievements and salon count while keeping such a consistent level of community spirit? The answer from Oscar is and will continue to be ‘you hire on personality and the right fit with people and the brand will always be strong.’

In an industry where trust plays as an important role as success, Oscar Oscar is well and truly a cult brand that has us covered across national recognition, brand and beyond.

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