We spend most days dreaming of a getaway to Italy, where culture, art and great gelato is simply commonplace, but without being able to steal away on an international flight at a moment’s notice, we appreciate when the beauty of Italian hair and education can be fully realised in Australia. Emsibeth Professional Hair Care, which is made in Italy and distributed in Australia through Contact Hair Services, recently offered an education opportunity in November 2017, headlined by their head colourist from Italy. This was one of just many experiences that deepens the brand’s connection between the two countries.

Paolo Elia

Paolo Elia presented at a sold out education seminar at the Perth Convention Centre, bringing the brand’s seasonal fashion and education systems to our local industry. The Australian team is well connected to the international creative team, with Australian educator and stylistic director Renato De Felice travelling to Verona twice a year in order to communicate and work with the international team.

Renato De Felice

Renato is a valued member of the international team and has ensured, since arriving in Australia in 2004,that Emsibeth Australia is well connected to Italy, personally delivering feedback to the global figureheads to strengthen this bond. Emsibeth salons in Australia are also equipped with new colour menus for clients twice a year, including new clearly-written formulas, which reflect global trends.

The brand prioritises education, and Renato designs an annual collection dedicated to craft and stylistic direction that inspires Emsibeth salons. The product itself is treated as secondary to this artistry, more a tool in elevating professional skills and educating hairdressers than the main focus for the brand. Even so, the product range is extensive and high quality, it also boasts haircare alongside the brand’s iconic colour.

The next step for Emsibeth Australia is the creation of a national stylistic team in Perth, the members of which will be able to participate in that international communication and feedback. It’s important to the brand that local stylists are part of this global conversation.

Paolo’s seminar was one piece of this international puzzle. There, the brand launched a range of 10 minute ammonia-free toner colours, while Renato demonstrated on-stage cutting and Paolo showcased live artistic colour. The duo also exhibited in salon education on the trip, hosting a course with the Dale James Salon team, where attendees learnt the styles and colour techniques presented on stage. They also took part in a shoot utilising the seminar models to contribute to the new collection.

With distribution in 30 countries, Emsibeth has its roots in Italy, continued growth in Australia and connections all over the world. While constructing their local creative team, the brand is also looking for distributors to spread the product and the message. Join the brand’s culturally rich, bold approach to care and colour and you’ll never look back from the Emsibeth tribe.

For more information visit emsibeth.com.au