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Paul Mitchell Releases Pet Hair Products

When your clients come into your salon, it’s not just their own appearance they’re concerned about. In the age of pet Instagram profiles especially, pet grooming is an important market. Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world with 68 per cent of Australian households owning a pet and around 38 per cent of households owning a dog. The math of that equates to around 4.2 million pet dogs across Australia contributing to the $6 billion pet industry! Now, celebrated hair brand Paul Mitchell is jumping in paws first.

Paul Mitchell Haircare are now offering luxury, high quality botanically based range of shampoos, detanglers, conditioners and wipes made specifically for dogs and cats. The products are developed using knowledge of what makes great haircare for humans, which is then technically adjusted in formulations and pH levels for animals. Titled ‘John Paul Pet’ grooming products, the tools will be available in salons for you to offer to your clients and they pamper their four-legged friends.

Importantly, all products are cruelty free and testes on humans first, made from human grade ingredients, contain natural plant oils and extracts that provide cleansing and healing properties and offer anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory support.

The range offers products for dogs with sensitive skin, light and white coloured coats (AKA a dog-specific blonding shampoo), waterless shampoos and wipes in the versatile collection. The range offers 15 products overall to help your salon tap into a new and profitable market stream.

The salon industry is going to the dogs – in the best way possible.

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