Hairdressers around the world can donate their money to a fantastic cause that will also gain them access to important industry education. The Hair Raiser Fellowship launched in August, as an unprecedented initiative to unite the hairdressing community while raising money for two very major causes. This initiative is now uniting the community in the pursuit of two industry pillars – philanthropy and education.

The Hair Raiser Fellowship brings together a leading line up of hairdressing artists and associates in a closed Facebook group forum to deliver an extensive library of business and creative education. The 70+ videos span from five minutes to an hour long and those who donate $110 will have a year as part of the community. The educational videos range from cutting, colouring and styling, to business strategy, social media management, personal development and more.

Some of the Hair Raiser headliners include Antony Whitaker, Candy Shaw, Julie Piantadosi, Sharon Blain, Clive Allwright, Scott Sloan, Adam Ciaccia, Dario Cotroneo, Jose Bryce Smith, Kobi Bokshish, Matt Clements and Jules Tognini. More international guest artists will be added to the impressive roster as it progresses.

100 per cent of funds raised will be donated to causes of significance. The first will be an Australian hairdressing family that has been tragically affected by suicide, and the second will be Beyond Blue, an Australian independent non-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, suicide, anxiety disorders and other related mental disorders.

“The purpose of Hair Raiser is to open up the dialogue around mental health, and start the hard but necessary conversations around depression, anxiety and suicide,” said Kirstie Stafford, one of the heads of the initiative. “We are uniting hairdressers all over the globe, through a shared vision of education.We have colourists, cutters, some motivation, business, a bit of pilates, product info, some hair stories and social media content, all of which will add value to your business. Stylists can purchase a single pass or salon owners can buy a team pass so they can add their staff members to the group. 100 per cent of all money raised will go to our causes and ticket purchases are fully tax deductable.

“As event organisers, we are giving our time to the cause and using our influence, intelligence and skills to be able to make a difference, so please come and join us by being part of Hair Raiser. Our goal is to raise $50,000 for our two causes, which are very close to the hearts of the hairdressing community. So get your credit card out for the best $110 donation you can make!”

Your donation buys you access to this community with this tiered structure,

$110 AUD – a single person added to group 

$250 AUD – a salon or corporation of up to 5 people added to group 

$500 AUD – a salon or corporation of up to 20 people added to group

$1000 AUD – a salon or corporation up to 30 people added to group 

you can donate and then request access to the group for instant access to this community and material. Good for the mind and soul – join the fellowship now!

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