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Pierre Haddad Launches Luxe Sydney Salon

Pierre Haddad Hair Management has added a luxury salon to their brand, with the all-new space at the opulent Hilton Sydney. The salon now represents the only Pierre Haddad space in Sydney, and promises elegant, glamorous hair.

The franchise is built on Pierre Haddad’s inimitable legacy as a famous Sydney hairdresser, which now extends to his important salon brand and professional team. With luxury hair at its core, the salon also acts as a testament to Pierre as a person and a hairdresser, built in his memory and inspired by his professionalism, enthusiasm and talent.

The design of the salon, as well as its location, befit that opulent theme, with a grey marble staircase highlighting the grand entrance, and a beaded curtain transporting clients behind it to a luxury oasis. Gold detailed mirrors, grey marbled walls and black leather chair extend this opulence throughout the salon. The salon also boasts an entire column filled with Veuve Clicquot Champagne for guests to enjoy and to heighten their luxurious salon experience.

Another additional element of the salon is free WIFI for all guests, so that any busy client can maximise their time in the salon, a particularly important feature for a clientele hailing from Sydney’s frenetic city centre. The salon also has a wall entirely devoted to hair extensions. More broadly, from a service perspective, the salon offers high-grade hair extensions, Latino hair straightening, charcoal relaxing treatments and Japanese thermal reconditioning, with these unique and specialised hair services making them a go-to destination for Sydney’s A-list, business-centric clientele.

An emotive aspect of the salon is the entrance artwork that pays tribute to Pierre, as created by graffiti and airbrush Artist, DC Willans. The artwork combines photo realism with pop art in a beautiful recreation of Pierre, as well as quotes from his book.

Centred around the values of luxury hair, specialised client service and a legacy of one of Australia’s famous hairdressing figures, Pierre Haddad Hair Management at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney provides a haven in the city centre, a getaway you can’t refuse and a personal ode to a hairdressing great. Check it out when you can.

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