piiq is a hair salon game changer, revolutionising the salon industry with the mission to redirect money back into small businesses as its guiding ethos and with true innovation as its method.

The groundbreaking product is a high-tech, digital platform that uses a smart mirror to provide clients with a unique, comprehensive salon experience. With this technology, piiq serves as a virtual stylist, employing AI facial analysis technology to give clients the opportunity to try out hair colours, create inspiration boards, compare their hair aesthetic to celebrities and style icons and much more.

The product also functions as virtual salesman, recommending personalised products tailored to clients and taking the often-awkward task of selling retail products’ out of hairdressers’ sole jurisdiction. These recommendations are housed in each client’s piiq app, where clients can choose to purchase, with salons receiving the profit margins. piiq’s brand partners handle the inventory, packaging, and delivery. 

Already in 40 salons, piiq’s beta testing phase has seen salons increase retail sales by 250 per cent over a six-week period. Now, the startup will be adding 100 more salons to the piiq family. Salon owners across Australia and New Zealand can apply now for these coveted spots. Applications close on June 30 with successful applicants to be announced in July.

Other bold features of piiq include AI facial analysis, a 360° visual hair recording, social sharing capabilities, a hair inspiration library, interactive in-app quizzes, the virtual inventory with recommendations and in-app purchasing, a touch screen control panels, records of past appointments and more.

Going toe to toe with other international conglomerates such as Amazon, which recently opened a smart salon in London to boost retail sales, this homegrown product, led by industry icon Richard Kavanagh, turns the focus back on local salons, brands and businesses, elevating these business with digital innovation, attention to modern customer service and intelligent retail processes.

“It’s become my personal mission to help salons ‘Amazon proof’ the salon industry,” Richard said. “I feel very strongly, that together, we can shift the momentum back into the hands of the small business owner. It won’t necessarily be easy, but as an industry, we know how to work hard, we know how to adapt, and most of all, we know how to serve.”

Discover piiq and its mission to reclaim the industry and ensure money is in the hands of independent salons in a truly revolutionary way.

Apply now to be one of the piiq 100.