Amanda’s House of Hair lives and breathes eco-consciousness, from their renewable energy to the way they obtain water and, of course, their product range of choice, environmental juggernaut Natulique. This planet first energy seeps through their salon plants, services and mindset into their very essence, giving Amanda’s House of Hair an ethos worth cheering for.

There’s environmentally friendly, and then there’s Amanda’s House of Hair, a salon that walks the walk and talks the talk in every aspect of their passion for the environment.

“We are an eco-conscious and organic salon on Tamborine Mountain we run on tank water and solar panels using only renewable energy to run everything,” said the titular Amanda Bowles. “We are also using Waste Free Systems to repurpose or recycle our waste and the money earnt from this waste gets collected and goes towards several charities. Our product’s plastic bottles are melted down to make prosthetic limbs for children born without them or who have lost them and they are given to them as a gift.”

With all of that as well as bio-degradable products, a refusal to use products tested on animals and so much more, this salon is clearly putting its money where its proverbial mouth is when it comes to reducing their carbon footprint to nearly nothing. This mentality is a big part of the salon vibe, with a surplus of greenery offering a calming safe haven for equally eco-friendly clients.

“We have many live plants in salon for better air quality and a healthy wall that is a natural clay render that repels dust and dirt and filters the air, neutralising gasses. Our clients love the natural materials used and our natural approach to hairdressing,” Amanda said. “Our ethos is to give the safest, cleanest, most organic and eco-friendly products and services we can for the health of our staff and our clients.”

With such an onus put onto natural hair, the product company this salon partners with has to have the same frame of mind. The salon works with Natulique as their ideal partner in this eco battle.

“I chose Natulique for their holistic approach to hair care and colour,” Amanda said. “Not only are their retail products the safest, lowest chemical products but their colour is 98.02 per cent naturally derived with certified organic ingredients. All their packaging is recyclable and they have a low carbon footprint. They use rock paper, which reduces the use of trees and they use biomass as a propellant in there hairsprays.”

Amanda notes the brand’s Nourishing Crème and Curl Crème as personal and salon favourites, claiming they “fly out the door”. She also lauds their professional colour range for maintaining the integrity and quality of hair while also delivering brilliance of colour. The brand’s local, intimate business practices are another necessary feature to a self-titled, community minded salon that puts planet and people first.

“Natulique are like a family to me and I have loved working with them,” Amanda said. “I think it’s been about five years now and they have had the best education and support I have had from any company I have worked with, even helping me with my business decisions over the years which has been so helpful.”

The right mindset and brand identity are key and Amanda and her House of Hair have that in spades. So what’s next for this ethically minded salon?

“My goals for 2020 are to keep moving with sustainability and keeping with my organic goal to keep the cleanest possible professional colour and retail products,” she said. “I know Natulique are ahead of their game with this and they are always revisiting their ingredients to stay ahead of any new findings of a cleaner more organic natural product and colour range.”

The future depends on hairdressers, salons and brands like these, who are never satisfied with how much they’re doing, but always asking how much more can be done for the earth. Consider this our tick of approval.

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