Joining the Natulique movement is a lifestyle more than just a brand choice, and Grant Nelson of South 21 salon experienced that completely, adopting the products in salon and then becoming the all-new distributor for the natural product range in South Australia. Here, he explains the products’ undeniable allure.

South 21 recalls the geographic nature of its name very properly. The salon is located on the South Terrace in South Australia, facing the Parklands that surround the city of Adelaide – a location it has proudly held for 16 years with no plans to change that any time soon. The salon evokes nature by its very setting, overlooking the natural beauty of South Australia and connecting to the climate in intimate ways. The salon design even boasts green and beige wood, marble and finishes, perfectly complementing the natural palette outside. As such, Natulique became the ideal fit for this salon essence.

“I originally designed the salon myself and have constantly added and renovated parts of the salon as I go. I’ve made it a goal to do something significant once a year to keep the salon still looking so fresh even after all these years,” said Grant Nelson, salon owner. “Being able to look out over to the beautiful Parklands every day and enjoy the changing weather is a gift that many would not be able to say they share. Being attached to nature like this aligns itself very well with the Nautique brand.”

The salon’s use of Natulique was a fittingly natural progression, and Grant brought the product line into the salon five years ago. “At the time I thought, ‘wow, this is something really different, something I haven’t felt before, it has no smell and my hands felt soft at the end of the day’,” he said.

Grant continues to work with the brand to market the technology, a task made easy by the products’ commitment to hair health and environmental consciousness. Beyond that, the brand has drawn more clients into South 21, catering to those looking for an organic solution. New and existing clients alike are emboldened by both the quality of the products and the ways in which Grant chooses to sell them and connect them to his brand.

“When I first moved over to Natulique, my existing clients were very happy for the benefit of their health,” he said. “They felt that the smell, the condition of the scalp and hair afterwards was so superb they were happy with the change. I also receive many new clients looking for Ammonia free organic based hair colour that come to experience Natulique at my salon. I recently started cash and carry for Natulique customers at the salon which gives them the ability to pick up a few bits and pieces without the burden of freight charges to getting through to their next order.”

For Grant’s part, his connection to the brand has stemmed beyond client reaction and business building properties, to the way he’s been able to effectively use it in salon. He has a long-list of must-have products anchored by the hero Nourishment Hair Cream.

“It’s very versatile,” he said of the product. “I use it for prepping most people’s hair, you can blow dry with a round brush, it’s also great for flat ironing or for using on naturally curly hair to seal in the curl. The Argan oil is the hero ingredient, which ensures a natural, shine-free, radiant appearance.”

Grant’s new role as distributor made sense, drawing from his salon experience, his naturally based space and his long-term love of the brand – it’s an organic fit in more ways than one.

“I wouldn’t be able to sell anything that I didn’t believe in and so the decision was easy based on the fact that I loved and use the product myself,” he said.

It’s this technology and wider ethos that makes the Natulique brand a family and the business a way of life – learn the Natulique way and find out why so many salons swear by it.

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