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Pure Haircare Debut Dynamic Rebrand

With its philosophy firmly set on traditional values of honesty, loyalty and performance free of the unnecessary prose, Pure Haircare’s rebrand is one step closer to making it one of the most trusted and transparent luxury haircare brands on the market.

Supplying salons with a luxury aesthetic at an accessible price point, Pure Haircare’s focus has always been on providing salons with a solution that inspires consumers to embrace professional haircare, not just for the cosmetic feel, but also for the values.

Recently parading their repack across social media with a very pleasing and gently curated range of product images, the complete Pure range is made from 100 per cent recycled Australian land waste plastic – the first brand in Australia to move beyond just the formula to the packaging we consume.

The completely elevated brand repack was launched at the company’s annual conference, that along with products being made from Australian land waste plastic, that the company has also become carbon neutral.

“Our bottles are made from 100 per cent Australian recycled land waste plastics in an effort to create a circular supply chain. This chain takes recyclable plastic and processes it by sorting, shredding and creating pellets that are then used to make our recycled plastic bottles. Through this process we estimate we will rescue over 100 tonnes of plastic from reaching landfill each year,” said Pure Haircare Marketing Manager Raelene Addley.

“At Hairjamm we are constantly searching for, and taking inspiration from those who we interact with the most, hairdressers and salon owners. This is the very reason we are and will continue to be passionate about producing products people want and fantastic service,” she said.

The new minimal rounded bottles have been designed to sit perfectly in the modern bathroom aesthetic, for the consumer who wants luxury but is wanting to consume products that are environmentally conscious.

The fresh new aesthetic perfectly complements last year’s Bee Pure campaign whereby Pure Haircare included Bee Pure seed bombs with each haircare purchase. Each product came with a parcel of organic clay and bee-friendly seeds, aiming to increase the natural habitat and food sources of Australia’s native bees.

The Pure range of products are blended with naturally derived ingredients which have been carefully researched to substitute traditional synthetic ingredients. Pure’s aim to develop a safer, more-gentle environmentally friendly haircare regime has been pure and simply advanced. It doesn’t just end with the products, it is in every form of the brand’s packaging and collateral whereby this eco-conscious mindset prevails. Brochures, posters and everything in between are all printed on 100 per cent recycled carbon neutral paper, processed in a chlorine-free environment.

Pure are hoping this multi-faceted approach not only gets more salons thinking about their usage and the real values of the products they consume, but that the overall industry follows as well.

Pure’s formulations contains modern, clean and green ingredients and they continue to develop safe, gentle and sustainable products using organic ingredients that are 100% certified.

Also launched is a new range featuring a Fusion Complex. These products are formulated to rebuild chemically damaged hair from the inside out – one of women’s biggest concerns today. Active repair ingredients protect existing disulphide bonds as well as reconnect broken ones. Enriching organic ginger, rosemary and acai oils soften and smooth hair texture while improving hair colour for stronger, healthier hair.

Pure’s brand promise is reflected in the constant pledge to achieve the perfect balance of nature and scent substituting synthetic ingredients with natural plant based alternatives. All Pure products are vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and free of sulphates and parabens. Far from just a pretty bottle and an organic certified complex, Pure Haircare is an Australian export we love – one that cares for the environment we live in, cares for real partnerships in salons and most importantly cares for the way people feel about their purchasing decisions.

Purely and Simply.

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