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Pure Launch Elevated Brand Repack in  Brisbane

Pure’s total repack, built on a fusion of nature and science, was recently launched in Brisbane, showcasing a fresh new aesthetic and updated packaging that considers the environment and puts the planet first.

The brand are committed to being Australia’s first beauty brand to “reuse 100 per cent recycled Australian land waste plastic to make their bottles,” as stated by the brand.

They will achieve this by creating a circular supply chain, built into tiers of reduce, reuse, recycle. By reusing and recycling Land Waste Plastic (l.w.p™), this process will rescue 150 tonnes of plastic from landfill in Australia each year.

The brand’s formulations contain modern, clean and green ingredients developed as safe, gentle and sustainable products that use organic ingredients that are 100 per cent certified. It promises to prioritise the salons with real partnerships that inform purchasing decisions with true quality.

Last year’s campaign saw Bee Pure Seed Blossoms included with each haircare purchase, with the aim being to increase the natural habitat and food sources of Australia’s native bees, supported in the tag line “If Bees Go, We Go Too™”.

This new branding continues on from that ethos, reinforcing the incomparable Pure DNA. The brand can also proudly announce that they have reduced their carbon footprint and are officially carbon neutral.

This serves as an important reminder how we can and should all be putting the planet first and doing our part to save the world. Well done to Pure for leading the way.

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