Sheree Knobel and Bixie Colour are on a very steep incline, with a social media following of tens of thousands of followers, last weekend’s announcement as the Australian Hair Fashion Award Influencer of the Year and major happening with her work as a Redken artist. We grabbed a few minutes with this blonde expert and social media mogul to talk what’s happening and what’s next for Bixie Colour, Redken and in hairdressing at large.

Sheree Knobel

INSTYLE: Your  Monday Night Live on @5thAvenueAustralia was all about Shades EQ, and we understand this year mark’s SEQ 30th Birthday! Tell us why you love this product and how you were first introduced to it. 

Sheree Knobel: Many years ago, I was lucky enough to shadow Tracey Cunningham, owner of the iconic Meche salon, in Los Angeles. I had been obsessing over her colour for a long time, and while I was working with her I realised that Shades EQ played a big part in her work. I could not believe the shine and the tones Tracey was producing. I would try and recreate her results with the brand I was using at the time, and they could not be matched.

IN: You have such a great following for your work, and so well known for your blondes and color correction. How has Shades EQ changed your color business?

SK: Thank you! The beauty of Shades EQ is that it doesn’t break the natural base colour and expose warmth, it blends with the natural tones of the hair and, taken together, these features allow my clients to avoid regrowth and demarcation lines. The gentle acidic pH level of Shades EQ also means my clients can change their colour more regularly (guilt-free!). The product adds colour and sparkling shine and grows out seamlessly.

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DIGITAL INFLUENCER OF THE YEAR 👩🏻‍🎤 @aushairfashionawards O M G 🙌🏻🙌🏻 To my beautiful TEAM ⭐️ This award is YOURS 😍 I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️ You inspire me and I’m so grateful to work beside you everyday. THANKYOU for your hard work, insane talent and putting up with me always nagging you to get the shot 📷📷 Post more haha To my hubby & girls- Thankyou for putting up with my SM obsession. I know it drives you mad sometimes but now I have an excuse right 😂 To our clients who’s beautiful faces fill our Instagram page… Holy shit!!!! THANKYOU 🤗 This award is as much yours as it is ours too & we share it with YOU Thankyou for letting us photograph you 💋 To all of our Instagram followers ☺️☺️☺️ Thankyou for your support, likes, comments reposts ☺️☺️ It’s what keeps us posting😌😌 My sis @natalieannehair 🥰🥰🥰 who took me under her wing 4 years ago & has taught me everything I know about social media…. no words 😌😌 just love ❤️❤️ love you 💋 #bixiecolour #ahfa2019#digitalinfluencer AHHHHHH WE WON 🏆 @bianncarose @hay_bixiecolour @dannyknobel @alihooper_bixiecolour @nasserhalbouni_bixie @meganmcaulay_bixiecolour @stass_bixiecolour @kyle_bixiecolour @teri_bixiecolour @ashli_bixiecolour @jessie_bixiecolour LIL Melissa @hayleymcivermakeup @biancageorgievska @georgiamalaxos

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IN: You were recently in New York working on some very exciting collaborations with Redken Exchange, what can we look forward to seeing in the coming months?

SK: New York was fantastic. I was lucky enough to play with some of the new Shades EQ tones, which are launching towards the end of 2019. Some of these new tones are bound to become Australia’s most-loved. I also tried the new Shades EQ 010 levels, which will make an already easy-to-use product even easier. We will no longer have to dilute up to a 10 level.

IN: What editorial/education experience have you been a part of recently? 

SK: Blondage Army team, Get Inspired, my visit to New York, and I’m looking forward to fashion week.

IN: What skills, trends or techniques are you seeing as being major in 2019?

Foils are making a come back. The rise of balayage brought with it a focus on colouring the mid-lengths and ends, but now we are going back to more colour at the root. Big bouncy blowouts, smooth hair, and the shag haircut are sexy-as.

IN: Tell us about the zone toning technique you spoke about in your @5thAvenueAustralia Monday Night Live.

SK: Zone toning is such an incredible technique, because it’s so flexible and easy to personalise. For the perfect, lived-in blonde I like to use three colours: for depth at the root area, I’ll use a dark blonde. Then, around the face I like to use 09gb, which adds a soft beige tone and doesn’t look too flat against the skin. The ends I keep light and bright, so for a creamy blonde I tend towards 09rb + clear or for a cooler blonde I like 09p clear.

IN: What trends have you identified in Hair Color that are next to hit Australia? 

SK: We are witnessing a return to colour. For blondes this colour shift is manifest in a move towards darker shades that are shiny and look healthy. For others, we are seeing bold reds right through to vivid brights. We are doing lots of soft pinks, rose gold, and peach. All of these tones are achievable with Shades EQ gloss because it’s gentle, softening, repairing, and shiny on the hair. Shades EQ also fades out softly which lets us play more with future colour appointments.

IN: What’s next for you and your salon for the rest of the year?

SK: Knowledge sharing is a core value at Bixie Colour, so we are focussing on our weekly shadow program, in which colourists visit the salon and shadow myself and our team for the day. We also run in-salon education classes, where we showcase our signature techniques. Later in the year, I will be running REDKEN education classes, and we are engaged with many exciting collaborations and photo shoots; we are always very open to interesting opportunities at Bixie Colour.

IN: Redken recently launched a new addition to the Shades EQ portfolio – V & VB shades. What do you love about these new additions? 

SK: The V and VB shades are great for colour correction, or when used on their own to create fashion colour. These new additions help achieve those true smokey tones people are increasingly looking for.

IN: The industry is still buzzing about bonders, can you tell us what makes PH Bonder so unique?

SK: I’m so excited to be hairdressing in the era of bond treatments, they have really changed the game. Bonders allow us to safely refresh pre-lightened or “old” blonde hair. What makes ph-Bonder so unique is the softness it delivers. ph-Bonder’s acid complex brings the hair back down to a strength level so it feels like their natural hair again. My clients can have that salon-fresh feel at home in-between visits. I find ph-Bonder user-friendly too, as it doesn’t slow my colour down and I don’t have to bump up my developer. It makes no difference to my mixture so I can mix as normal and add it in.

IN: Why should salons choose Redken for colour?

SK: Undeniably, REDKEN produces the best colour, but REDKEN’s value is so much more than that. The education and support you will receive as a salon owner or stylist, is second to none. You become part of a global tribe who support each other to learn and live better. We treasure the love we feel whenever we are around our REDKEN family; and it really is a family. From salons that support each other, to your business development coach, to your educators and, of course, the online global tribe who interact and support each other. The ethos and alignment between the brands really works for me.

IN: One of the viewers asked about Color Gels Lacquers! Which you’ve said is like Shades EQ with a permanent heart. What can you tell us about this range and how do you see this fitting into your color portfolio?

SK: I’m so excited for this launch. Color Gels Lacquers stand alone in the REDKEN portfolio as they give dimensional grey coverage that is light, not dense, and breathable. The grow-out will be much softer with no harsh lines, so Color Gels Lacquers are  perfect for clients that want their colour to be consistent through zones one, two, and three.

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