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Redken Announce Barber Pro Series Winners

Last weekend the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Exhibition (BHBE) brought innovations, networking opportunities, education and competitions to Queensland and Redken Brews’ Barber Pro Series was chief amongst them.

The competition took place on the floor to discover dynamic, bold and skillful talents in men’s hair, existing alongside other beauty-related competitions that took place throughout the event, such as the Emendee Nail Competition, Pravana Hair Competition,  LashJoy Lash Competition and the Crown Brush Makeup Competition. The Barber Pro Series turned the attention squarely onto hair and men’s hair specifically, deciding winners in a range of categories such as futuristic colour, contemporary  colour and cutting for senior hairdressers, apprentices and salon team.

Traditional barbering, men’s freestyle and hair art also spoke to the technical and creative aspects of the competition.

Congratulations to all the winners and medallists in their competitive fields, listed below.


Men’s Freestyle

1st- Michael Nguyen-The Chopspot Barbershop

2nd-Xavier Pina Silva-Jimmy Rod’s Barbershop

3rd-Lorenzo Savea-The Loft Barbershop


Traditional Barbering

1st- Lorenzo Savea -The Loft Barbershop

2nd-Fred Woo-Le Barbier d’Elwood

3rd-Michael Nguyen-The Chopspot Barbershop


Hair Art

1st- Michael Nguyen-The Chopspot Barbershop

2nd-Lorenzo Savea-The Loft Barbershop

3rd-Wally Abbas-Wally’s Barbershop



Salon Team Challenge

1st- Chroma Hair Studio- Fortitude Valley (Colour-Kylie Pollard, Cut-Kim Astropalitis, Style-Emma Leach)

2nd-Chroma Hair Studio-Highgate Hill (Colour-Carly Pascoe, Cut-Eva Krawczyk, Style-Sammy Carey-Springfield)

3rd-Ella & Jade (Colour-Alannah Read, Cut-Will Webb, Style-Nina Meidow)


Men’s Cutting Apprentice

1st- Ricky Zizza-A.T.Hair

2nd-Tristen Tri Duong-Matters in Gray Training

3rd-Justine Cobham-Ironside Barber


Contemporary Colour Apprentice

1st- Nadene Barrett-Stelios Papas -Toowong

2nd-Dakota Hunter-Waxing Express

3rd-Chloe Faulkner-Epic Hair Design- Newmarket


Contemporary Colour Senior

1st- Keren Freeman-Uptown Hair Studio

2nd-Georgia Illingworth-Ink for Hair

3rd-Lee Cutting-Kiwi & Bull salon


Futuristic Colour Apprentice

1st- Tiffany-Jayne Mellor-B’me hair salon

2nd-Kirilly Hunt-Bella hair @ Bellvista

3rd-Hayley MacDonald-Kiwi & Bull salon


Futuristic Colour Senior

1st- Susan Hort-Clayfield Hairlines

2nd-Holly Sharpe-B’me Hair Salon

3rd-Domi Pinalli-Chroma Hair Studio


Ladies Cutting Apprentice

1st-Michael Kaasik-Sharp cuts for Men

2nd-Katelyn Dean- Tognini’s

3rd-Hyunyong Park-Matters in Gray Training


Ladies Cutting Senior

1st-Mark MacDonald-Freelance

2nd-Domi Pinalli-Chroma Hair studio

3rd-Grace Hogan-Maverick Hair and Art Space


Traditional Up-Styling

1st-Carmen Rogers-Art Hair Studio

2nd-Debbie Schwenderling – Applebom Beauty, Hair and Well being

3rd-Bryce Edwards-Fusion Hair & Body


Avant Garde Up-Styling

1st – Piere Taylor-Epic Hair Designs

2nd – Luci Monaghan-Dimattia & co

3rd – Kim Astropalitis-Chroma Hair Studio


Ladies Total Look – Online Photographic

1st – Dylan McConnachie – Ella & Jade

2nd – Maddison Power – Ella & Jade

3rd – Paul James Graham – Paul & Paul Salon


Men’s Total Look – Online Photographic

1st – Grace Hogan – Maverick Hair & Art Space

2nd – Xavier Pina Silva – Jimmy Rods Barbershop

3rd – Jase Alpen – Zeppelin Barbers Studio.

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