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Redken Host Pastel Trend Workshop

In the name of must-have trends, top-tier education and quality content creation Redken congregated a group of their most talented colourists and paired them with influencers to create all things pastel. The trends workshop and Redken Connect event celebrated, utilised and showcased the brand’s range of Shades EQ pastel tones.

Held at the new L’Oréal academy in Sydney, the entrance was decorated with pastel balloons, a colourful bicycle and even vibrant snacks and Redken embossed cookies, the ideal creative, serene environment for these colourists to work their magic.

“We have seen in the past couple of years more of a pastel trend coming through, we definitely get requested to create pastel tones in the salon,” Redken global educator Vincent Nobile said. “From an education point of view, the first aspect is achieving a beautiful pastel tone, and the other is prepping the perfect canvas, because the canvas has everything to do with your end result. I’m excited to be here today to achieve beautiful hair that’s soft and slightly editorial, which is what our salon is known for.”

The looks ranged in boldness through the three Redken tiers – whisper, talk and shout, spanning full bright blue looks, more subtle peach infusions or looks created with temporary hair pieces for influencers who opted not to have a huge change.

Talent include Muse Hair’s Rachel Busby, who worked with Svetlana Sinilova, Vincent Nobile of Headcase Hair who coloured influencer Chloe T, Penelope Baldas of Bixie Colour who worked with Monique Bel, Sarah Martin from SG Hair who worked with Jason Neophytou AKA Mr Neo Luxe, Tarryn Cherniayeff of Mob Hair Bondi who coloured Tegan Philippa, Jessica Adam of J & Co who worked with The Sydney Sisters Alana and Sarah, and Cathy of Oscar Oscar who worked with Adri Alvarado also known as the Maya Gypsy.

“The pastel trend has been going on for a little while but I think now all consumers can actually wear them, it’s been something that has been hitting main stream fashion now, and the way we produce them with our Shades EQ Pastels means it’s far easier for our clients to wear on the street, and not necessarily all over their hair,” Rachel said. “Pastels can be an entrance way for someone to explore the possibility colours, and we can dilute our Shades EQ colours and pastelise them even further. It’s really a way for any client to step into that realm.”

Amidst the various colourful looks, the colourists spoke about the importance of maintaining integrity in the hair, and ensuring the colours suited the client and exuded the wearable, fun-loving aura of the pastel trend. They also spoke about Redken’s global impact, and the extreme New York street style vibe to pastel, which has now been brought to Australia and feels right at home.

“I love colour in hair and I feel like it can show off your style and personality,” Tegan Philippa shared of her new extreme blue look. “The blue matches my personality to a tee, we decided we had to go all in or nothing. My followers are obsessed with hair, they’re constantly everyday asking me about my hair, and now that I have coloured hair it’s just going to go next level. I feel like there’ll be a huge response.”

Influencers took part in shoots in the academy’s studio and in front of the pastelised party wall, showing off the versatility of pastel hair between them. Their many followers, and your clients, will be all in on this trend.

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