Uros Mikic is no stranger to awards – having received multiple national and international accolades in just 11 years in Australia, he’s been snapped up by Revlon Professional to forge a stronger presence for the brand with his appointment as National Artistic Ambassador, writes Cameron Pine.

While it may not be one of the country’s larger cities, Adelaide certainly lives large in terms of the salon landscape, with leaders and beautiful salons at every turn. It’s little wonder why Uros and Mojca Mikic’s salon and ethos attracted global brand Revlon Professional. Kinky Curly Straight upped the ante in 2019 with a complete refurbishment awarding them Salon Design of the Year at the HaIr Expo Awards, following a string of creative achievements for Uros that Revlon Professional is set to further capitalise on in his new role.

Seeing this salon space firsthand was an important element to understanding Uros’ heavy commitment to being a leader in hairdressing, which is why Revlon Professional flew key trade media to Adelaide on March 15 to celebrate one of their most significant announcements so far this year and to better understand the process behind the new strategic adventure.

Cameron Pine and Uros Mikic

The four-time title of Australian Hairdresser of the Year Finalist is testament to Uros’ unwavering commitment to improve and raise the standard in the industry. He has also snapped up two global Men’s Hairdresser accolades and four Men’s Hairdresser of the Year awards across both the Australian Hair Fashion Awards (AHFAs) and Hair Expo, in what is seen as a relatively short tenure.

General Manager of Revlon Professional Australia and New Zealand, Brad Raper humbly thanked Uros and Mojca for considering the brand to be a professional partner.

“In a lot of ways Revlon Professional is a well-kept secret and this partnership will give us more credibility in the trade and cement us as a company that works with both up and coming and well-established talent in the industry,” Brad said.

Mojca and Uros Mikic and Brad Raper

Not only will this partnership further leverage Uros’s own brand of education to the industry, it shares a synergy of excellence in both creative and business fields – with Uros’ wife Mojca working hard behind the scenes to bring the salon business to where it is now.

“I’m excited to be part of an incredible and iconic brand like Revlon Professional. I started working in a salon over 20 years ago in Slovenia – it was my mum’s salon and I wanted to work to buy Levi jeans. I managed to buy quite a lot of them so soon realised it was a great business to pursue,” Uros said.

Uros and Revlon Professional are banking on the partnership to be a strong and lasting one, stemming not just from creativity and showcasing the supreme performance of Revlon Professional colour, but also through mentoring others and combining Uros’ strong ability to constantly improve and push the creative boundaries.

Revlon Professional describes Uros and Mojca as the ultimate partnership. With Mojca having professional experience as a policy analyst and in marketing, the duo of high achievers is set to build an even stronger salon team and a bigger Revlon Professional family in Australia. What drives Mojca is Uros’ creativity and seeing the business succeed, coupled with how awards and creativity really excel the salon-marketing piece.

“I don’t want to just contribute to the brand. It’s a family partnership that I want to use to take it to the next level. A brand is a brand but without good people you have nothing right,” Uros said. “We actually started the salon with Revlon Professional nine years ago which may not have been the right time – now is definitely the right time as we have grown together.”

Uros is looking forward to working with the Global Creative ambassadors and really tapping into the worldwide community that Revlon Professional offers, while making the inspiration and work in Australia for the brand more fresh, local and current and maintaining its ‘high-end’ appeal.

Perhaps nobody can spend as much time working on and perfecting a collection than Uros – known for using diverse models, he has really paved some new ground in the realm of hair collections. He also can’t wait to use the new Revlon Professional filters to really make his colour work pop.

“At the same time, it’s about meeting the market needs now and creating realistic colour for clients – we’ve just been through a pandemic so we need to look at how we can keep colour looking cool with more of a low maintenance feel. A lot of people also don’t understand just how versatile Revlon Professional colour is,” Uros said.

Both parties believe every image tells a story, there are emotions involved and Revlon Professional is thrilled to be bringing such an aesthetically dedicated eye to help inspire the greater family of hairdressers. The newly created role sits across the main pillars of creative collaboration, new product development and education.

“As a brand that supports hair artists in everything we do, we set out to find someone who shares passion for our industry and this partnership with such an awarded creative is a real watershed moment for us,” Brad said.

Earlier this month Revlon Professional relaunched its iconic Nutri colour line – with a new and improved formula and sustainable packaging. Called the ‘Filter’ range – it’s the first of a few more refreshes on the horizon – next up is Revlonissimo and the Magnet ranges later in 2021.

“Revlon Professional has my back and I have theirs and I’m excited for such a strong partner to evolve into new trends in the coming years – creatively this was the perfect direction for me,” Uros said.

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