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Royals Hair and Prema Undertake Salon Wife Swap

Two renowned Sydney salons have been on the frontier of a whole new idea – welcome the salon Wife Swap, as conducted by Royals Hair and Prema Hair for the very first time. The experiment saw the co-owner of Royals Hair, Adam Alamine and Prema Hair’s owner Johnny Ruggerino spend half a day in each other’s salons in early December  to learn how the other salon best conducts business. New insights, ideas and learning were the incentive and the goal.

“Honestly, it was a great experience; one that was very educational, especially since we chose to do it in the thick of a busy Thursday afternoon,” Adam said. “We observed the entire salon process in our respective salons, spoke to senior and junior staff, observed front desk and helped out on the floor where we could. For example, Johnny did the dishes at Royals and I served coffee to Prema clients.”

“Adam and I have always respected each other as salon owners, and how we do our own individual thing in the industry. We both acknowledged that after a period of time you become comfortable with your systems and procedures which restrains growth and new perspectives,” Johnny continued.

“We wanted a fresh pair of eyes in the day to day grind to acknowledge what we may do better than each other but also challenge why we do things in certain ways and how we can do things smarter. It was truly a brilliant and rewarding experience for both our salons.”

The experience taught each salon owner new concepts specifically in relation to consultations and the salon floor. Client management, staff operations and bookings were other platforms each owner took insights from the other salon. The salons are bonded in their dual focus on both professionalism and fun, something both Adam and Johnny noticed when they swapped spaces.

“I recommend you do this no matter what industry you’re in,” Adam said of the initiative. “You’ll learn more in a few hours from each other than you can imagine! I love that the Prema boys are as crazy as us to explore and wanted to do this as much as we did!”

“Our team loved having a fresh face in the salon that was there for a reason and a purpose. Adam really challenged me on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ we do things; it made me think twice and see where some of our systems could improve. Having worked in the same salon for 17 years and knowing nothing else, I really loved being in another salon space, seeing their procedures and way of working,” Johnny said. “I felt comfortable and empowered to give feedback and this was welcomed by Adam. Being able to help someone else grow is always a good feeling.”

With two salon pioneers leading the way – will you be salon swapping in 2019?

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