Elite Hair and Beauty salon is uniquely built into what used to be a country church constructed in 1868, and with a social energy, commitment to quality and partnership with a bold and stellar range – Actyva by Kemon – you can understand why Elite boasts so many willing disciples.

There’s no groaning about going to church when it comes to Elite Hair and Beauty, a one of a kind reconstructed salon that prioritises spaciousness and their own original brand of luxe, as run by salon directors Alex Lemke and Jade and Leanne West.

“We designed the salon to be open and spacious and have plenty of room to move around,” Alex said. “Our clients suggested a social space to relax while they waited for their colour to process. Our idea was to create a luxurious rustic interior, while using natural and industrial materials.”

The salon presents a long history of success, and key to that is their constant innovation. Take their new partnership with Actyva by Kemon, a range that fuses science and nature with over forty naturally derived ingredients that work synergistically with top-tier scientific research and discoveries. The range is predicated on beauty and wellness, built to garner immediate results on hair and is Italian made to incorporate some European luxury into the salon.

“We chose to partner with Kemon as we wanted to have a more natural range for our clients,” Alex explained. “We love that its organic certified, vegan certified and environmentally friendly. We especially wanted to work with Actyva as we had clients with scalp sensitivity and we couldn’t find a range that met their needs. We are working our way to become a sustainable salon by using water tanks and having all of our foil used in salon recycled.”

Staff and clients alike point some specific products as hero, must-have tools. Some major titles mentioned include the Silkness and Control (Disciplina) Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask. “We love Disciplina as it leaves the unruly hair frizz free and has as amazing smell as well as being environmentally friendly and cruelty free,” Alex explained.

The Strength and Protect (Nuova Fibra) Cream is another product of choice. “It leaves the hair feeling strong and looking shiny, you can cleanse and wear or cleanse and blowout. It smells amazing too!”

Kemon and Actyva are formulated with the client in mind every step of the way, appealing to informed and educated consumers who know what they’re buying and research where to spend their hard earned cash. Actyva’s commitment to both the product and service, and ritualistic focus on consultations, customer service, specific massage techniques and communication makes for the ultimate salon professionalism. Their partnership with Elite Hair and Beauty takes this into account and comprises a major part of the salon’s 2020 vision.

“We want to educate our clients on the benefits gained by using Kemon products at home. Over the next twelve months we would love our staff to train with the Kemon team and broaden their knowledge and education on the brand,” Alex shared.

With an eye on service, quality, sustainability and their ever unique salon style, Elite Hair and Beauty’s formula continues to hit its stride.

For more information visit www.sabrecorp.com.au