Discover a sunny space in Brisbane – Lujo Hair and Makeup offers minimalist salon design, top-tier products and a true sense of calm for its lucky clients.

“To be honest the space kind of came to me, I was approached at the right time saying the space is available and one look at it made my wild little imagination go crazy,” said salon owner Ashleigh Maguire. ”Also, the sense of serenity I felt when looking at the river from such a large open space was so calming which is exactly what you are after when getting your hair done!”

“The salons style is super minimal, I wanted people to walk in and potentially see their own vision be able to come to life,” she added. “Whether that be for an artist wanting to host education in the space to someone potentially hiring the space for a fashion show. That being said it is still a working project. Just like everything, we moved and were hit by COVID about two months later and this put a hold on all the finer details but I still love the space and am excited for the future!”

Ashleigh’s background is in freelance, events and wedding hair and makeup before she opened up her first space, down the road from the current location. The salon grew beyond its space, sparking the move, and now collaborates with a host of esteemed brands to bring its luxury salon business to life.

“For retail wise we use KEVIN.MURPHY, it’s ethically conscious and just a beautiful product. I have never had a complaint from a customer when selling these products, which is what I’m after, hassle free retail,” Ashleigh said. “Also, Anti has just come on board and I love that they are trying to break down social constructs as well as being locally based, which is so important right now especially!”

“For colour we use Milkshake and Redken, they give us the support and results we need in colour,” she added. “In regards to individuals and creatives, I won’t say no to anyone. Provided I can tell you are as passionate about the industry as myself and team, we can collab whenever!”

This bright space is built on that passion, a keen sense of design and the right business mind. Fall in love with Lujo.

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