The Society Salon has relaunched in Rose Bay – the product of husband and wife team Dre and Lauren Branciamore, who have moved locations in the suburb after a decade of operation and have put their core values into focus at the new space. The salon highlights nature, design and a shining salon culture, that is to say, their “society”.

“Our long-term vision was for that of clean air, energy and growth and ultimately as a business our selling point has to be our vibe, with friendship at our core. We encourage people to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live and work and of the things they love,” Dre said. “We have always had such a special energy and knew this was something we had to take to another level and to a new location!”

“We wanted to create an inclusive space full of light that didn’t resemble the look of a traditional sparkly salon,” he continued. “It needed to be a flexible creative working space that could be converted into a large educational venue and to be utilised for external training and hosting events. We feel our signature design look comes from our custom-made retail stand and mirrors – ones that we had to triple in size for the new salon.”

This feature is just one hero element of an overall spacious design. Beyond that, the generous mirrors with wrap-around lighting fixtures illuminate the space with a cool yellow hue, something that has been referred to as ‘The Jo Malone London feel’ by clients.

“The contemporary lighting and matte black edging along with painted concrete floors, oak counter and 4.5-meter Ficus Benajmina Tree bring to life the progressive and raw ecological elements of the design to create a truly unique ambiance. What’s more, a tree the size of ours can eliminate up to 98 per cent of formaldehyde and ammonia from the air,” Dre continued about the design.

The duo have also paid extreme mind to facets of the salon including acoustics and temperature – the salon is soundproofed with envirospray (a recycled paper) and fitted with a professional sound system to facilitate Dre’s other passion, music, as it creates an atmosphere in salon at the highest quality. Stellar air conditioning – the largest in a commercial premise of this – ensures clients stay cool and comfortable in any Sydney weather. With every element of the client experience accounted for, customers see Society as their eastern suburbs haven.

“We strongly believe in the benefits of bringing nature inside. We have seen an increase in productivity, reduced stress levels and the amazing air purifying benefits that can remove formaldehyde from the air we breathe,” Dre said about the overall atmosphere. “The music and sound are an integral part of the client experience and we invested in acoustics to minimise echo and reverb to create a beautiful sounding swell as looking space.”

From a service perspective, the team of stylists provide an experienced, broad and international resume, while Dre and Lauren lead as directors with creativity and education front of mind. Lauren was recently announced as the winner of the Shu Uemura gallery of style in Tokyo and Dre regularly represents a UK brand of haircare across media platforms in Australia. The salon specialises in colour, style and hair health, working with luxe brands such as Olaplex, Davines and more to fulfil their vision.

With a commitment to their core values, client and salon to planet environment at every level, the Society Salon stays true to its titles, forgoing just service for true community with stellar results.

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