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Schwarzkopf Professional Takes Instagram Star Celeste Barber Blonde

To celebrate the launch of Schwarzkopf Professional’s very first National BLONDME Week, Matt Clements, Schwarzkopf Professional’s International Colour Ambassador and creative director at The Assembly, turned comedian and Instagram star Celeste Barber blonde. Matt tells us about the epic, 12 hour transformation below and shares his hot tips for blondes.

Tell us about Celeste’s hair ?

“It was all about National BLONDME Week using Schwarzkopf Professional’s customised blonde care range. The whole idea was to literally transform her with a lightening product that is quite strengthening and very gentle. We wanted the ‘wow’ factor; she had longer hair and a lot of older, darker colour.  We spent almost 12 hours doing her hair, which was well worth it when you see what it looks like. She looks drop dead gorgeous, like she’s just come from the MET gala. It’s amplified her personality we all love to watch. She looks twice as famous.  I wanted her to really love wearing it after the job. It’s a really healthy glowing warm soft, shandy champagne blonde. It looks like she’s been blonde forever. That’s behind what I wanted to do with her. She looks pretty shcmick.”

What are the benefits of going blonde?

“It’s about suitability and suiting your lifestyle. Also budget and maintenance. Being blonde is also linked culturally to being a bit more glamorous, blondes have more fun. Strong street feels, a kind of sexiness with the blonde goddess. Blondes are always around – just depends on the tone and the season. Most people especially in Australia want to feel sun-kissed and fresh whether that’s 10 foils round the hair line or a full head scalp liner. People just feel brighter.”

What should you consider when choosing the best shade of blonde for a client?

“Proper consultation – you need to have a real one-on-one with a professional. I want to design something around  someone’s  personality. From a technical point of view, condition is everything. Blonde is the one service that shows up any imperfection or damage.”

What are the blonde ‘no-no’s’?

“You’ve really got to sign up for the maintenance and investment. You have to own it. It’s not hard, just very specific products. Need to do home care regime, more than any other colour. You need hair that looks healthy and shiny and amazing. The most important thing for someone is they to have to understand what comes along with being blonde and commit to that. If you’re spending time and money on the colour, then you honour you investment by using the right professional products like the BLONDME range. The BLONDME Mask is my hero product –every blonde should treat their hair twice a week with it. It’s like brushing your teeth. They’ll get more longevity out of it.”

Why do you like working with Schwarzkopf Professional?

“It comes down to two prongs – the people that you work with and the products. When I was younger they were my heroes. Creatively and from a business point of view it’s been a really great partnership over the years.”

What are the hair trends in colour we are seeing now?

“Certainly a lot of clean blocked blondes. Also a lot of festival hair, which translates into salons into blondes that are almost a bit blown out, but still healthy. But there are also a lot of pastels and nude blondes – there’s been a big shift in people wanting softer, more natural looks. A lot of copper golds and marigolds.”

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