Best Salon Design is a category at the Hair Expo Awards brimming with aesthetic inspiration, with aspects of each nominated salon motivating you to invest in your salon aesthetic and design. This year’s winning salon, the iconic Adelaide space owned by Uros and Mojca Mikic known as Kinky Curly Straight, provides all that inspiration and more.

The salon showcases bold mirrors as its centre piece, opening up the space and offering a central element of design to revolve the salon around. A luxurious marble colour bar complements the sandstone colour floors, which is in turn complemented by lush greenery. Unique design pieces, chairs, pot holders and more give the salon aesthetic a particular edge and originality. A private basin area with floral artwork and luxury sofas offers a small haven for clients coming into the salon for a service.

The salon offers extreme attention to detail, which each individual piece creating the full tapestry of this inspiring and must-see salon space. Allow the images of the salon below to motivate your own design whims.