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Shortcuts Release Hair and Beauty Podcast

A new weekly podcast has been released thanks to salon software company Shortcuts, meaning you can be inspired by members of the hair and beauty industry as you’re doing chores or driving to work. The podcast, titled ‘The Grit Behind The Glam’, will interview influential people from the global hair and beauty industry.

The podcast will be releasing new episodes every Monday, and the first episodes feature local industry icons such as Brodie Lee Tsiknaris (Rokstar Salon), Kate Henderson (Elysium Hair Brisbane) and Brett McKinnon (Murphy Gozzard Hair Community). The content will focus on the stories of these experienced hairdressers for both inspiration and education.

“We’ve been looking to produce a podcast for some time,” said Shortcuts Co-Founder, Jo Burgess. “We know that now more than ever, those in the hair and beauty industry are looking outside the traditional avenues to educate themselves and focus on their personal growth. There’s no shortage of inspirational people in our industry and we are excited to help bring their stories to light.”

Common themes in the first few epissodes include the road to success, as the hairdressers personally recount how their initial setbacks led them on their career path, as well as balance in increasingly busy and all consuming careers. A pertinent anecdote tells how Kate and her husband took over Elysium with no salon experience between them.

“We were so excited to start this entrepreneurial journey that we didn’t do our due diligence when we bought the business – it was a bit of a dud to say the least,” Kate said. “We arrived, a couple of non-hairdressers who had never owned a business before, our kids were crawling around the floor while we were painting the walls, we didn’t have a single appointment in the diary or any staff…It was a very, very steep learning curve for us.”

Going forward the podcast will interview barbers, hairstylists, beauty therapists and business owners whom all have motivating and dynamic stories worthy of being heard.

You can listen now on Apple Podcasts ( or Spotify (–dj06w)

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