Shortcuts is ensuring 2020 is a dynamic, educative experience, with a series of business breakfasts in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, titled Converge. The events will start in Brisbane on March 24, with some important business leaders hosting the valuable conversation around digital marketing.

These business gurus will be Jo Burgess (Co-Founder & VP Evolution of Shortcuts Software), compering a discussion with Danielle Lewis (CEO & Co-Founder of Scrunch Influencer Agency), Christy Laurence (CEO & Founder of Plann), Michelle MacRae (Strategic Partner Manager at Google) and Brooke Morkham-Calvert (Product Owner at Shortcuts Software).

The event offers the opportunity to learn about influencers and how to utilise this aspect of marketing in your business and salon, as well as how to own the instagram game and figure out how to be seen on Google. The speakers will also educate on how to craft email marketing that stands out, while the event will also create a wonderful networking atmosphere, where you can meet and communicate with like-minded industry representatives, as well as the whole Shortcuts team.

It sounds like vital business intel consumed with the most important meal of the day. Get your tickets for next month’s Queensland event and keep an eye out for Sydney and Melbourne events to be announced soon.

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