Australian hair extension brand Showpony Professional has some big plans for 2020, with a rebrand to mark their 12th year in business and a surge towards impressively sustainable practices. The rebranding takes these environmental considerations into extreme account, with a new aesthetic as well.

The new branding will depart from their usual pink and grey colour scheme, offering an elegant aesthetic anchored by clean black white and a millennial pink design. The brand will also be revealing more product colour options and methods within this new phase.

With their new packaging, Showpony Professional will become  the world’s first environmentally packaged Hair Extensions company. The new packaging will allow for a an 80 per cent reduction in total plastics used on hair extension products, using only 100 per cent recycled plastic material on their hair care range. In the name of efficiency, the rebrand will allow for compact options for display and storage, removing the requirement for space-consuming shelves or stands.

“I am extremely conscious of climate change and how as a business, we can be doing more to reduce our effect on the environment,” said the brand’s founder Stephanie Mason. “My team and I have spent countless hours brainstorming how we can reduce our footprint both in the office and in our product offering.”

An exciting new phase for a dynamic, innovative brand, doing the Aussie hair industry proud.

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