Sunlights Balayage, the balayage brand led by ‘Balay Lama’ and colour queen Candy Shaw, has turned five, celebrating their 5th birthday at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago. The fast-growing brand is available in 12 countries, having started in Candy’s Garage in 2014, to now become a global phenomenon.

Candy Shaw

“I could not be more humbled by the grassroots support Sunlights has received from the world’s hairdressing community,” Candy said. “If someone would have told me five years ago that all this was possible, I would not have believed them. It goes to show you what you can accomplish with hard work and perseverance. Dreams really do come true!”

The brand provides a point of market difference with their innovative balayage lightener technology, emboldening the never-ending balayage revolution. Sunlights Balayage provides both tools and education, educating almost 200 Artisan Educators in four continents to spread the gospel even further.

The product kits have extended from THE BALAY BOX to THE BALAY BOX 2.0 and new in 2019 will also include ‘The World’s Balayage Brand’™, which is a dedicated line of balayage products that contain including WASH & RINSE, VIOLET & FROST and the SUNCREME high lift, high speed balayage developer.

Candy continues to educate and share her innovations all over the world, and you can catch her once again over Hair Expo weekend doing just that. Don’t miss out on learning from this blonde expert and balayage superstar.

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