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Sustainable Salons Australia Partners With World’s Greatest Shave

As if World’s Greatest Shave wasn’t doing enough to help the planet, the Leukaemia Foudnation has teamed up with fellow philanthropic heroes Sustainable Salons Australia to only add to their great cause. The famous charity event, which raises funds and cuts hair in honour of those suffering blood cancers, will celebrate its 20th year in 2018, and will now also be aiding the fight to combat oil spills at sea.

Paul Frasca

In the event’s traditional format, those who donate ponytails longer than 20cm will be able to create wigs for those who have lost their hair. This year the extra layer will be that all other hair collected, including coloured hair and shorter hair clippings, will be utilised to create floating hair booms that absorb oil spills at sea.

“Things have come a long way since World’s Greatest Shave began 20 years ago,” said Dave Simms from the Leukaemia Foundation. “Now, all the extraordinary Aussies who shave their hair are not only helping people affected by blood cancer but also reducing our environmental impact. It’s a win for Aussies and a win for the environment!”

“It’s incredible to think your hair could end up floating on the Great Barrier Reef blocking an oil spill or made into a wig to help those who haven’t lost their hair by choice,” he continued.

The Leukaemia Foundation event hosts will also utilise the opportunity to collect empty cans of coloured hairspray to be recycled, rather than delivered to landfill. The cans can be dropped off at any of the movement’s public events, or posted in.

“Hair is such a powerful resource. Not only does it have amazing repurposing opportunities, but it’s unlimited! In a world where our natural resources are in steady decline, why are we dumping this valuable commodity in landfill?” said Sustainable Salons Australia Co-Founder Paul Frasca. “We’re on a mission to reverse this, and that’s why we’re hugely excited to be partnering with World’s Greatest Shave.”

Both organisations seem to inspire something in hairdressers and consumers – this year, World’s Greatest Shave expects more than 20,000 people to shave their heads to raise money and awareness at the events from March 14-18. Meanwhile, SSA collects 95 per cent of waste from hair salons (hair, metals and chemicals are all included) to recycle or donate, reducing our collective carbon footprint.

With two motivating companies leading the way in such an impressive manner, it’s hard not to believe in the power of hair.

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