Well done once again to this industry company that continues to make waves and save the planet, as Sustainable Salons was named the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA) Small Business Champion for 2019. This award recognises small business influencers who are making a genuine difference to their industry or the sector – a title that fits Sustainable Salons to a tee.

Paul Frasca and Ewelina Soroko, co-founders of Sustainable Salons, were recognised for their impact on the hairdressing industry and their shining example of sustainability in business, which they educate and exude to the industry at large.

“These are people that are innovative and open to change, stopping at no boundaries, they have done some amazing things, not only connecting the hairdressing community, but they have built a successful business, and they’ve done it sustainably,” said Mr Peter Strong, CEO of COSBOA. “Their vision to make ‘salon waste’ history is truly inspiring!”

“It’s an honour to be awarded this as a small business. Ewelina and I started this business by really creating a fantasy business plan, while travelling around Australia, we wanted to create a business that we wanted to wake up to everyday,” said Paul Frasca, Sustainable Salon’s Managing Director, who attended the gala to accept the award.

“This business plan captured more than just recycling, it was actually about solving community issues, and more importantly the profiting issues within that. Because every time someone thinks of a green idea, they say, ‘it’s not making any money’, but it can today. What we did in our business to make it successful was to solve the community issue, the recycling issue, and the profitability issue – that is truly ‘sustainability’.”

As explained by Paul, Sustainable Salons have designed an above-ground mining business for the hairdressing industry, collecting up to 95 per cent of the salon’s waste bin and repurposing it for environmental and community benefit.

“We’ve got more than 800 members of Sustainable Salons (and growing!) in the hairdressing, barbering, beauty and pet-grooming sectors across Australia and New Zealand,” he said. “We are thrilled with everything we have achieved for our community as a business and with lots of exciting new research into uses of hair, we are committed and eager to see what the future of sustainability in above-ground mining looks like.”

Congratulations on this recognition as Sustainable Salons continues to kick major, major goals.

For more on information visit www.sustainablesalons.org/