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System Professional Launch New Styling Range

Wella Professionals will be releasing its latest innovation from System Professional with a product line that now nourishes as much as it styles. Launching in July, the new line combines its notorious styling system with a new vitamin enriched formula, all in all titled the CreativeCode complex. The new products offer System Professionals’ optimal salon quality while protecting and nourishing the hair.

In July, System Professional is to launch their first ever products that combine both styling and care, and act to magnify the natural energy of hair. The existing EngergyCode Complex has been combined with the latest nourishing ingredients to instantly leave hair energised, manageable and protected.

“Day after day, styling can take its toll on your hair,” shared Poppy Delevingne, model, actress and System Professional Ambassador. “After experiencing the amazing benefits of my unique System Professional EnergyCode, I could see the energy my hair had been lacking. Using the new System Professional styling range, I can really feel the difference of the products. My hair holds its style all day, but feels natural and effortless.”

With revolutionary BB and CC creams offering coverage and additional nourishing benefits to the skin, it is an important feat in the industry to replicate this concept for hair. CreativeCode does just that by combining advanced haircare technologies in an infused solution that complements individual styles whilst keeping luscious locks healthy and glowing.

Non-nourishing styling products prevent users from styling their hair often, for the fear of long-term damage. This is a real concern amongst clients, so the brand actively sought to address and solve the issue. The range offers three product lines each of which offers women the perfect magnifying styling system. Beautiful Base (BB), Creative Care (CC), and Dynamic Definition (DD) each offer uniquely designed technology from CreativeCode that retains natural movement whilst also providing hair with added care benefits.

The collection offers products such as an Instant Reset tool for the roots of the hair, Perfect Ends to nourish and moisturise individual strands, Sculpting Clay, which is made of an ultra-fine clay that forms an elastic layer on the hair, Platinum Fix, a new and improved hair gel, Instant Energy, a leave-in product devoted to texture and Blue Shaper, to offer lasting control.

A unique balance of active ingredients, the products hold style, while leaving the hair smooth, light and healthy. Who says you can’t have it all?

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