The International Hairdressing Awards (IHAs) have announced a time, date and format for their illustrious 2021 awards. While their original date earlier this year was postponed, and then a travel-focused plan had to also be put on hold, the new virtual ceremony will take place and live streamed on May 3 at 3pm GMT.

This means it will be 1am May 4 on Sydney’s east coast, while South Australia will get it at 12:30am and Western Australia at 10pm on May 3. This late night will be well worth it for any hairdresser wanting to see international hair history unfold. Be reminded of all the illustrious finalists here, as fifteen finalists were chosen from almost 600 participating collections and representing seven countries – the Netherlands, Italy, Taiwan, Malaysia, the USA, Spain and the United Kingdom.

“Unfortunately, the conditions of the global health situation have not allowed travel to personally deliver the awards to the winners of this third edition, as planned, due to the quarantines imposed on travellers in many countries of the world, which make travel unfeasible in a short period of time,” a statement said.

“We are saddened not to be able to make the ceremony we had planned, something never seen in this sector and that would have marked a before and after, but global circumstances push us to look for alternatives to be able to announce the winners.”

The winners will be revealed live on the awards website in every category and extending to important sectors of the Honorary Awards, International Hair Influencer of the Year and International Hair Legend of the Year.

So brew a fresh cup of and get ready for a late night, it’ll be worth it.

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