The team behind LSG Creative is packing up and moving overseas and you could buy and step right into their successful salon to make it your own. The salon is set up as a hidden haven in Double Bay, and has operated as a successful, lifestyle-driven salon for over four years, with renowned Matrix team member Lores Giglio at the helm.

The salon is fit with four stations, one basin and a reception area in over 35 sqm of space, and while the team will retain the website, name and branding, they will be giving the database and ready-made clientele list to the new owner. It is currently priced at $40,000 plus stock, and prospective buyers are able to come to Lores directly.

It’s an established, well-known salon with a look, fit-out and client-base already built in. It could be the ideal next step in your career, and if you’re ready to take that leap, we suggest you get in contact soon.

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