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The Wrap: Aveda Congress 2018

Aveda Congress 2018 took over Minneapolis for an inspiring event and community gathering, centred on the Know What You’re Made Of theme. We’re here to pay tribute to the looks created by our own Aussie artists and other global leaders that ignited the creative impulses of the Aveda family at large.

Looks by The Global Aveda Team

Team Australia, as represented by Sky Beauchamp, Darren Summers, Matthew Wickham, Teri Robertson-Kirkwood, and Rory Calasse, was a stand out, showcasing The Future is Faceless and showing the ingenuity that is born Down Under.  Diversity, non-binary and gender fluidity were central themes in an overall opulent punk aesthetic. A colour palette of striking tones of yellow, orange and burgundy and geometrical shapes in both hair and beauty created a delicate balance between masculine and feminine.

Looks by Team Australia

“I find inspiration all around me, but for this show I felt particularly inspired by the falling pieces of hair that I cut from a mannequin in my kitchen,” Darren said. “They create amazing shapes and patterns that I wanted to replicate here.”

Dry cut curly hair using clippers and prominent products such as Be Curly Curl Enhancer and Confixor Liquid Gel, as well as Aveda Full Spectrum high lift shades for curly looks, were the tools and skills necessary in a motivating show.

Another highlight was the Worldhood show as presented by the Global Aveda Team AKA Ricardo Dinis (Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Cutting), Bea Carmichael (Aveda Global Educator, Styling), Janell Geason (Aveda Global Artistic Director, Makeup) and Ian Michael Black (Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Color). The show celebrated individualism, embracing personalisation and the power of every unique individual to be an influencer. Social media, global connection and the ability to start bold trends were other show themes.

The Global Aveda Team and their models

This mentality was applied to cut, colour, style and beauty, with a unique interpretation of the bob, faux fringes and more creative direction.

“Don’t just cut a bob,” Ricardo said, “You should always customise for your clients and make them feel like you’re giving them their personalised cut.” In his look this included graduation layering and a tailored hair line for a strong shape.

“We’ve all had the guest who comes in with long hair and doesn’t want anything off the length or to add layers, but wants something totally different,” Bea said on stage when directing on style. “When that happens, I like to give them a faux fringe. It’s a great way to refresh the look and try it out for a night. And if they end up loving it – cut it!”

Ian Michael Black debuted his newest hair colour shade, titled Congress Pink, to the audience. The colour features extreme pigmentation but can be toned down to bubble gum pink as well. Different variations of ombre lips provided the ideal beauty finish.

In a sea of inspiring trends, themes and looks across Aveda congress 2018, these aesthetics stood out. Let’s hear it for the Aussies, who never disappoint when doing us proud across international waters.

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