When one of the world’s biggest electrical conglomerates hits your city with an evening of inspirational hair looks, styling tips and technological know-how, the industry stands up and takes notice, and that’s what happened on August 26 as hairdressers packed into Docklands to learn and be inspired. Dyson brought on their inspiring ambassadors – the incomparable and award-winning Frank Apostolopoulos, Joey Scandizzo, Damien Rinaldo, Peter Thomsen, Renya Xydis and Jayne Wild – to each create two looks live on stage and then participate in an intimate Q and A. It was access to hairdressing stars and feature technology usually impossible to achieve.

Damien Rinaldo, Frank Apostolopoulos, Peter Thomsen, Jayne Wild, Renya Xydis and Joey Scandizzo

The evening was compered by Dyson’s own Kelly Morgan, and a series of speeches and videos cut to the heart of the Dyson mantra – they solve the problems others ignore. A few years ago, those problems involved hair and heat styling, and their innovative solutions include temperature control, styling efficiencies and ergonomic motor placement to change styling forever. Throughout the evening, the team gave important tips on the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer Professional edition and all-new Dyson Airwrap™ styler that you can utilise and teach your clients for total ease in modern hair styling.

Understanding these tools was one part of the evening, the other was an inspiring hair show. Each ambassador created two looks – one more editorial and one more commercial – on stage. The true diversity of aesthetics showed the tools’ various capabilities when speaking to a range of creative briefs and motivations.

For Jayne Wild, anti-gravity was her inspiration, as she used the styling concentrator attachment to achieve bounce right to the root of the hair in two looks of interesting, different shapes that both retained the same sculptural ethos. The second look in particular achieved notable hair height in a captivating Avant Garde shape.

Joey’s first more editorial look was Givenchy inspired with delicate pieces of hair on the face in intricate patterns. The look was molded, gelled and set with the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer Professional edition Diffuser attachment, leading the way to a commercial second look of must-have waves. Using the Dyson Airwrap™ styler, Joey provided a look with the movement, finish and polish that makes his salon such a go-to for Melbourne celebrities.

Renya’s looks turned heads for varying reasons. Both ultra-creative, the first look utilised colourful string with ideal placement, as well as braiding and stitching for a unique texture and long hair styling, in a festival, or as Renya would say “mermaid” inspired style. The second look was an evening highlight, building up cardboard and padding to create a box-like structure, and then coating this in glitter with a graphic hair line and gold line around the face. The Diffuser attachment – an editorial favourite – was again pivotal in setting the look.

Damien Rinaldo showed off an Instagram favourite – the cascading, waterfall-esque Boris Boned Pony, conceived by Damien and his salon earlier this year and something amazing to watch created live. The structural ponytail bridges the gap between commercial and editorial, becoming a total signature for this award-winning hairdresser, as ideally achieved with tension in the boning of the look. His second look showed off the power of the cut, as he had transformed a model with a trending short bob.

Peter Thomsen has worked with Dyson for several years, and he showed off his cut and style expertise. Live cutting on stage, his first look included a chin-length fringe disconnected from the length of the rest of the cut. The cut itself boasted internal layering so as to allow lightness, movement and support with long hair. His second look again used the Dyson tools to create texture and waves, as anchored by a Games of Thrones style, dragon inspired, scaly hair pieces for total editorial difference.

Frank focused a lot of his styling on the power of the Dyson Airwrap™ styler, showcasing his trademark live cutting and fringe shaping for an editorial first look. The second look brought in his favourite style era – the 80s, what else? – with curls, crimping and an opulent gold head piece.

The banter on stage kept the audience laughing and entertained all evening, and this casual approach was translated to the final Q and A. The six hairdressing superstars discussed favourite aesthetics, top tips that have resonated with them since their apprentice days and their own experiences with the Dyson tools. A major takeaway was the importance of hard work over talent, something all the ambassadors credited as imperative to success.

A final runway show of all the looks was a true testament to the power of Dyson, while giveaways, discounts, canapes and champagne made the education event an all-out party. Once again, Dyson provided a Monday night out well worth the price of admission in Melbourne as this Roadshow makes its way around the country. Don’t miss the Sydney instalment on November 11.

For more information visit Dyson.com.au/educationroadshow and to shop visit Dyson.com.au/professional