A new take on the Hairhouse Australia annual two day celebration took a record number of franchisees, suppliers and special guests to Hairhouse’s home town and Melbourne’s iconic Crown Complex over August 26 and 27, writes Cameron Pine.

Since first launching in 1992, Hairhouse remains on an impressive trajectory, having dropped the Warehouse from their name. All of a sudden landlords are taking the brand on as a more premium player, wanting to place Hairhouse next to leading brands such as Sephora and Mecca in major shopping centres – one of many significant feats of late. It is an achievement in-line with an introduction of more ‘premium brands’ to the fold that once would have been seen as unachievable for the group.

As winner of the 2019 Multi Franchise of the Year Nick Nayef said, “We no longer have any excuses. We can’t complain we don’t have this brand or aren’t being taken seriously by the entire industry – we have no excuse but to continue to grow.”

Today Hairhouse boasts over 125 locations and is the largest employer of qualified hairdressers in the country. For the first time in Hairhouse history franchisees, key store and support team members, stylists and business leaders connected within the brand’s hometown for this highly anticipated annual event. The energy in the room was filled with both heartfelt gratitude and a sense of pride for the home city in which the brand really began to flourish.

Nic Nayef – Multi-Franchise of the Year winner

Brand Director and partner Emad Nayef spoke of the unwavering family spirit within the business, first set by Tony and Joseph and continued by many loyal franchises and partners.

“It’s pretty surreal to be having a gala night at the Crown Palladium considering the first one was at the Portsea Pub! We are changing the way we do things, how we are perceived and in our own way we are elevating the industry,” Emad said.

Imploring staff with the acknowledgement and power to shape the industry which every way they want, the Hairhouse vision has never been more collectively consistent.

According to Emad, the staff, all 1200 plus of them, have the power to change people’s lives and have the power to change the direction of the industry in every way that we want. “The energy at work and with all of our family at the office is electric because we are so passionate about what we do,” Emad said.

With this year already marking an exciting rebrand for the business, the Hairhouse Experience 2019 perfectly reflected the many future focuses of the re-energised company and its culture of leadership with new members and processes that have continued to lift the organisation’s profile and performance.

The Hairhouse mission is to continue to build on salon services as the heart of what they do. In conjunction with the ownership of Australian Skin Clinics, the company offers a full 360 array of services to keep customers looking beautiful. The next two years is set to be truly transformational with the breadth of offering and to target so many millions of customers with the focus on the customer experience, and ownership of each category they trade in. Leading business practices across salons and individual staff members responsible for more than $200,000 in retail alone, is testament to the immense potential possible just by taking ownership of a market in a challenging retail landscape and an industry where service growth is relatively flat.

The main Hairhouse Experiences 2019 theme was ‘Customer Experience,’ explains Ann-Maree Mason, Hairhouse General Manager of Sales. “We appreciate the importance of ensuring each customer experience is an excellent one,” she says. “This event perfectly showcases our continuing dedication towards amplifying the experience of every Hairhouse customer and further strengthening our reputation as a services-led retailer in the hair and beauty industry.”

“The reason Hairhouse has been around for 25 years is because it’s a partnership with everyone – suppliers/landlords. Hairdressing is like a football team everyone looks after their area while looking after each other,” said the comedic and always humble co-founder Tony Lattouf.

Maddy Koo Kwet Kim – Hairdresser of the Year

Prior to the Excellence Awards the first day was all about franchisee and head office connection.

Following an introductory lunch, day one was kicked-off by Hairhouse Co-Owner and Chairman Ahmed Fahour, followed by presentations from executives Michael O’Connell and Emad Nayef.

Attendees were then invited to hear from the best retail, investment, and executive coaches and speakers in the industry.

Each presentation touched on the critical objectives of the newly rebranded Hairhouse. In addition to the intense focus on customer experience, themes including building on prestige additions to the impressive and robust brand portfolio, and an invigorated approach towards store and salon service were also in the spotlight. Additional online innovations presented included the launch of Hairhouse’s blog ‘The Volume’ and a new ‘Click and Collect’ shopping service.

Following afternoon tea, Brian Walker, leading media commentator and Principal founder of Retail Doctor Group, started the presentation schedule with his unmissable talk ‘Future of Retail + 7 Habits of Success‘. Brian’s retail and franchise expertise, along with his steps to take your business from ‘striving’ to ‘thriving,’ proved a great asset to all attendees.

Chadstone, Retail Business of the Year

On day two, Josie Thomson, a multi-award-winning executive coach, acclaimed speaker, author, and CEO, brought her vibrant teaching style to the topic of embracing and adapting to change in business – and life. Josie’s thought- provoking presentation ‘Embrace Neuroscience of Navigating Change Successfully’ delivered insight into the synergy of breaking through barriers in thinking and how this can reduce stress and build success.

Looking at how they can amplify the customers experience, coach people and bring in experts from any field, Hairhouse’s strategies from mystery shops across all areas of the business to guests presenters and sales targets, Hairhouse is at the helm of some of our industry’s most valuable and transformative information.

Hosted by Australian media personality, Dave Thornton, at Crown Palladium, the awards were a true celebration of the commitment, passion and expertise of the extended Hairhouse team. Congratulations to the winners!

Retail Business of the Year – Chadstone, VIC (sponsored by ghd)

Salon Business of the Year – Eastland, VIC (sponsored by L’Oréal Professionnel)

Body Piercing Business of the Year – Chadstone, VIC (sponsored by Muk Haircare)

Apprentice of the Year – Leah McIntosh, Greensborough, VIC (sponsored by NAK)

Manager of the Year – Anne Barres, Chadstone Express, VIC 

Franchisee of the Year Single Unit – Chris and Tracey Johnson, DFO Cairns, QLD

Franchisee of the Year Multi Units – Nic Nayef, Chadstone, Doncaster, Greensborough, Knox City and Plenty Valley, VIC

Hall of Fame Inductee – Cakey Someswaran, Hairhouse Group Financial Controller and James Mariani, Hairhouse General Manger of Property

For more information visit www.hairhousewarehouse.com.au