Hitting Miami’s beachfront Fontainebleau Hotel on January 5, Redken Artist Connection (RAC) is a bi-annual jam of more than 900 of Redken’s Global Artist Network – this year including Redken Australian Artists Sheree Knobel, Kristy Hodgson and Ben Martin, each bringing home inspiration and innovation in all aspects of the Redken brand, writes Cameron Pine.

Themed ‘We are Redken’, over 1000 stylists, colorists, brand ambassadors, educators, and professional influencers in the hair realm attended the World Wide Redken Artist Connection (WWRAC).

The three-day conference enabled Redken artists to gain an insight into upcoming launches, industry trends, and the latest techniques and social media in order to share and excite Redken users around the world.

Special guest Jamie Sea presented her best practice and Jason Everett gave hot tips on talking to the industry through motion. Sherri Doss – Redken’s VP Global Education, is the WWRAC leader and the heart and soul of the global education team and lead the event through the inimitable Redken culture.

“We bring together the Redken tribe to launch new products and initiatives. In addition to upskill in facilitation and discipline, the Redken family gets an opportunity to connect,” Doss said.

“Today, salon professionals are looking for various opportunities to perfect their craft and new to Redken Education is a larger focus on personal branding and social media skills. The Redken Artist segmentation was developed 20 years ago and it’s time for us to modernise by creating multiple points of certification, allowing artists to curate their own customisable journey online vs offline. The needs of today’s stylists have shifted, with clients expecting their salon professional to have an online presence. ” she said.

Truly this training for artists by artists, the agenda is based on requests from the attendees themselves. Kicking off with a quintessentially Redken Grand Opening show featuring international Redken Artists including Australia’s own Redken Artist Ben Martin – it was all about seeing the brand through the artist’s eyes with a deep focus on the craft of hairdressing.

“It’s always a privilege to attend these events and be inspired for the coming year. As educator’s we are always sharing our knowledge and experience, so it’s refreshing to be on the other end and be the learner and refuel our knowledge so to speak,” said Redken Australia National Education Manager Karen Strano.

“Being at WWRAC reminds me why we are educators – we are not here to teach a skill but share knowledge and experiences to help transform lives so all hairdressers can  learn better, to earn better, to live our best life. Today more than ever I’m so proud to be a part of our tribe known as REDKEN,” she said.

Artist training involved upskilling in all digital channels including social media certifications to help ensure they are experts in delivering education in all formats. Not only this, but every piece of the connection puzzle ensures Redken Artists are ahead of the curve with product application and brand development.

What the Australian Artists said:

“This was the biggest hands on colour class I have ever attended. 600 colourists in one room meant the energy was insane. It’s one of the many things I love about  Redken – the energy.  Specifically Redken Artists Lori Zabel and Sean Goddard took centre stage, sharing 4 new techniques that i’m excited to bring back & share with our Australian tribe.” Sheree Knobel

“Time goes so fast when you spend a solid 3 days with like-minded people, catching up with industry icons, old friends and making new ones too, my heart and brain are full! A huge highlight was seeing Ben Martin our local team mate doing Australia proud for opening night on the main stage! Our tribe at Redken are 100 per cent learner focused no matter how big or small the audience is and seeing this at a global level is always mind blowing.  It is so important to sit in other Artist’s classrooms to know what it feels like to be a participant and also to also gain more knowledge and experiences to bring home and share with our team, salons and greater tribe, it’s what keeps me energised.” Kristy Hodgson

“When your given an opportunity take it, run with it, embrace it – the highest energy always wins. Let your energy match those around you. It was an electric atmosphere on stage, 700 hairdressers cheering…. in front of your tribe.” Ben Martin

For more information visit www.redken.com.au