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This Salon School Teaches Hairdressers How To Use Instagram

Nicole Healy, AKA the Melbourne Hair Blogger, has a fair few tricks up her sleeve. As a blogger, hairdresser, educator and social media influencer with more than 40,000 followers to her name and over 16 years of experience, she’s using those skills to bring the power of Instagram to the masses, with her recently launched masterclass on how to utilise Instagram for salon success. Within these exploits, she was nominated as 2019 AHFA Digital Influencer of the Year, the results of which will be read next month, and this innovative education option only supports why.

Nicole Healy

Nicole uses the classes to teach how Instagram can attract both followers and actual clients to your salon brand. The one on one workshops teach how to take that perfect Insta-worthy shot – which is truly an art form – with lighting, photography and actual hair styling that is successful on social media covered in the classes. The classes, which are available both online and in-salon, also extend to the business side of the social media platform as well.

The classes cover three different levels so hairdressers can find their niche, growing in intensity, length and complexity and covering skills such as working around the Instagram algorithm, increasing engagement, posting and hashtags, finding clients, content planning, curating your feed, Instagram stories, social media analytics, hair looks, interactive photography education and more. Nicole has curated a 43 page workbook to supplement this extensive education agenda.

Nicole teaches this under the banner of her Social Salon School platform, specifically created to teach this important, modern and niche salon education, with the goal of also uniting ambitious and like-minded hair professionals.

“I was always asked why people struggled when it came to Social Media, particularly Instagram,”she said. “Why they struggled to build a following or to be seen more on the platform. For me this was a no-brainer to start a community where people in our profession could learn the skills that they were lacking in. Social media is all about socialising, so why not socialise online with people within your niche market.”

Through further education that Nicole sought out before launching the platform, she directs students and users in how to really engage with Instagram, from their own content to other feeds that will inspire them. Social media etiquette and modern rules are all covered in her valuable lessons. Nicole shares these important tips on her blog, leading the way to further education classes that take it to another level.

It’s the app we all spend all our time on anyway, but Nicole will teach you how to actually leverage it for the good of your salon and your career. Explore more from the Melbourne Hair Blogger and find out why people are following en masse.

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