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TIGI Professional Name Angela Pastore As New Head of Session

Angela Pastore has her fair share of experience in creative hair, and as the newly announced Head of Session, she’s bringing those extreme skills to a team and brand that prioritises style, professionalism and quality. Angela has worked with TIGI in her extensive career, be it on set, in salon, with the education team broadly and in educational show production tours. This new role allows her to develop that experience in a continuously creative and technical avenue, alongside TIGI and her own education brand Colour Cosmetica, announced as Australia’s first TIGI flagship academy.

“As a creative director and session artist, my creative skill sets have always been highly diverse, including roles in hairdressing, makeup, show production, fashion and event styling. I have been working with TIGI products in both hair and cosmetics for as long as I can remember,” Angela said.

Angela has worked with some of the most celebrated hairdressing session stars in the world, and credits Nick Irwin and Clive Allwright as previous mentors. She thanks her past mentors for infusing her with TIGI knowledge earlier in her career, leading to a long term prosperous relationship with the brand and becoming one factor in her overall larger success.

Angela claims to share a similar vision with Jacqueline Pidd, head of sales and education for TIGI, synonymous with her own values of creativity, professionalism and a determined attitude. She credits this connection in pioneering the new partnership. In her role, Angela will create a new fashion forward vision for the hairdressing industry.

Angela Pastore

“We will provide distinctive personalised education services and support that will continuously challenge hairdressers to their highest technical brilliance and styling levels, from accredited formal qualifications, apprenticeship and trade school programs, industry accelerator programs and industry educational workshops across Australia,” Angela said.

“I have always loved TIGI and what it stands for,” Angela continued. “TIGI has always had the ability to make the industry rise. I’m extremely excited to be part of a time where industry is ready and thirsty for a new chapter with new beginnings.”

With the partnership, Angela is hoping to create beautiful hair that inspires with fashion forward movements and stimulates creativity. That’s an ethos we can all aspire to.

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