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Timely Launch New Consult App

Your salon consultation is core to your business and now, as with everything in the 21st century, there’s an app for that.

Timely Salon & Spa Software have re-launched their free Consult iOS app, that turns your paper consultation forms digital for optimal storage. This streamlines your business processes, protects your files and caters to your clients for the ultimate salon experience, all in one. Users don’t need to be Timely users to download and use the clever app, allowing for a universal industry tool and experience.

“Whether it’s intakes, consultations, waivers, patch testing and more, forms are a crucial part of your business,” the brand said. “Manually entering data from printed forms can often mean mistakes are made, costing you more time and energy in the long run.”

The app makes this a thing of the past, as handily solved by a futuristic gadget, offering salons secure, customisable digital forms that are both efficient and professional. The forms are based on industry standard templates, and salons can even design their own for a tailored salon method.

Here, the brand explains how the app can be used to make your salon life that much easier.

Consult for client intake forms

Setting up a client intake form is an important part of your business. Consider it like your website, or social media pages – as it’s often the first impression clients will get of your business. It needs to be professional, user-friendly, and provide you with the right information you need to get started.

With Consult you can customise the questions for your business; think about what questions are really important, who your clients are and the tone of voice and image you want to portray.

Asking a client to complete the intake form on an iPad when they first arrive gives the client confidence that their personal information is kept private and secure, saves you time, and eliminates any errors caused by manually entering client details. Once a client has completed the form, you’re just one click away from having that information in Timely as a new client record. The intake form automatically updates existing clients’ contact details too.

It’s the start of a great relationship; you’ll get to know a bit about your client, and your client will gain trust in your business.

Capture consultations, waivers and consent

For all businesses in the hair, beauty, wellness and health industries it is crucial you understand and set expectations with your clients. Clients need to understand any risks involved with the service and in order to create a strong relationship they need reassurance that they’re in capable, professional hands. You also need to protect your business and brand from bad reviews and legal liability by capturing client signatures digitally on your forms. Consult lets you do all this.

Consult offers expert and industry templates for consultations and patch-testing, or you can create your own forms based on the questions you need to cover in your business. Again, it’s a great idea to personalise the questions to fit with your business’ brand and personality.

There are free field forms where you can explain any risks and signature fields to capture consent. All of these can then be stored securely in Timely or saved at your chosen location.

Streamline your record keeping

Consult automatically connects to Timely so you can upload your completed forms against your client records and have everything in one place. You can also access completed forms and check your client info anytime from their client record inside Timely.

If you aren’t a Timely user, you can send the completed forms to your email or save to a location of your choice.

Provide a consistent experience

Providing a consistent experience across your business can be time-consuming and involve a lot of training. Consult allows you to create your business templates and share them with your team so you’re all working with the same forms. As the business owner, you can decide who has edit access and you can build a library of templates that are tailored to your business.

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