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Vale Timothy Payne

The hairdressing industry is mourning the sad passing of Timothy Payne, who founded Excellent Edges over 30 years ago and was personally renowned for his over six foot stature, distinctive British accent and inimitable personality. He quickly became known locally in Melbourne and nationally for his exceptional tools and infectious persona decades ago, and rose to become a prominent in figure in Australian hair.

Tim began his career in importing and repairing scissors, but always dreamed of manufacturing his own, leading to the creation of the iconic Excellent Edges brand the industry knows today. The business revolutionised education, conducting workshops solely dedicated to the tools, and changing the way people thought about scissors. Through his ambition, strong work ethic and passion for scissors, Tim expanded the business to a global market, including the UK and Europe.

Team leaves behind a loyal and ever-growing team at Excellent Edges, all of whom he helped tremendously with opportunities in the industry and supported personally as well.

He is remembered as a pioneer and an innovator, changing the craft of cutting, improving these technical skills with tools through education and widening the mental approach to scissors, which led to better hairdressing. The Excellent Edges team particularly reminisces on his wild ideas, bold persona and endless hilarious quotes. He was a fearless leader, a career builder and a feature in the office, paving the way, emboldening his staff and entertaining all at once. The industry will miss him and continue to hold his legacy with high regard.

Our thoughts are with the Excellent Edges family at this terrible time.

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