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View Dee Parker Attwood’s Hair Expo Finalist Collection

Just looking at the Pure collection, you can see why it was nominated for Australian Hairdresser of the Year at the recent Hair Expo awards. Dee Parker Attwood’s group of images draws you in, using diverse and unique hair techniques and exceptional styling and beauty to make the models look like living dolls and inspire you in creative hair.

Disconnected fringes, undercuts and bold hair accessories all contributed to the alluring collection. Beautiful blonde, peach and pink hair colours also contribute to the romantic style. Dramatic and artistic eye makeup and painting, doll-like, lacy fashion styling and a light, monochrome photographic backdrop and style created a conceptual aesthetic – like classic dolls come to life, propelled by creative hair innovation (or at least that’s the story line we’re giving it).

Check out the full collection out below.


Collection: Pure
Hairdresser: Dee Parker Attwood
Photographer: Karla Majnaric
Makeup: Liz Jenkinson
Styling: Dan Ryan

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